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 convertkit coupon code
Convertkit is the best email marketing automation tool that is mostly used by bloggers and internet marketers to grow their business through effective email marketing.

If you are a professional blogger and want to generate more leads from your blog to get more traffic and sales, then Convertkit is the right choice for you.

So let’s check out how you can get the maximum discount on Convertkit with 14 days free trial in 2023.

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Convertkit Overview

ConvertKit HomeConvertkit is an email marketing software for bloggers and marketers who want to do online business through building email lists. It was started by Nathan Barry who was a blogger by the time he started Convertkit for a better email marketing solution.

It’s easy to use tool that has useful features such as automation, seamless integration, autoresponder, and more.

Convertkit is one of the best and most popular email marketing tools in the market. Which offers premade customizable beautiful signup forms, landing pages to convert more visitors into subscribers.

It has automation and segmentation and advanced analytics features to target the right audience with minimum effort.

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Convertkit Pricing

Convertkit offers 4 different pricing plans that are suitable for everyone.

  •  0 – 1k subscribers $29/Mo
  •  1k – 3k subscribers $49/Mo
  •  3k – 5k subscribers $79/Mo
  •  Bigger list: Depends on email list size.

If you have over 5000 subscribers you will need to calculate your monthly price by putting your email list size.


Convertkit Coupon Code 2023

Well, Convertkit doesn’t offer any discount code but there’s a way to get a 17% discount, get 12 months of the plan at just the cost of 10 months. Convertkit is one of the powerful email marketing services that help bloggers, marketers, and online business owners to grow their email lists.

How to Get the Convertkit Discount?

Step 1: Click Here to get 17% OFF on Convertkit + 14 days free trial, you will visit their official site. There go to the pricing tab like shown in the below image.

convertkit discount

Step 2: Select the annual plan except for monthly as shown in the below image. Now you notice plans the price have dropped, 2 months of Convertkit for free.

ConvertKit Pricing

Then click on ” Create a Free Account “and signup with Convertkit.

convertkit signup


Note That: Convertkit offers a 14 days free trial to new yours so you will be billed after 14 days from the date of signup.

Get started with Convertkit for Free

Top Reasons to Grab Convertkit Discount Code 

Signup Forms – Email Marketing journey starts with signup forms. This is the first impression and helps you connect with the audience.

Convertkit has unlimited signup forms that are customizable and responsive which looks good on all devices. You can pick a pre-made signup form and then customize everything from color, text, and image.

You don’t need any coding skills.

The best thing is whatever platform you used like WordPress, Wix, Shopify, Weebly, Squarespace and etc. Convertkit forms are easily usable. convertkit forms


Automation – Automation plays a very important role when it comes to email marketing. It allows users to send well-timed targeted content to the right people.

You can create powerful automated funnels and customize subscriber paths based on their actions.


Landing Pages – Every online business needs landing pages to run special offers, collect emails, and sell products.

When you use Convertkit, you also get access to some readymade beautiful landing pages. You can use one or more landing page templates on your site to increase conversion rates.

Convertkit allows you to collect custom data, connect to automation, automatic lead magnet, GDPR compliant, etc.convertkit landing page


Subscriber Management & Segmentation – Convertkit Subscriber management feature lets you manage contacts using tags and you can also choose which autoresponder and form to add them.

It’s also allowed to migrate existing contracts from another email marketing provider.

Email segmentation feature helps you to send personalized targeted emails to specific Subscribers.

Using Convertkit you will be able to target contacts on conditions like location, purchase behavior, subscriber data, and more to create the segment.

This is the best way to reach targeted email subscribers.

subscriber segment


Integrations – Convertkit is seamlessly integrated with almost every industry such as eCommerce, Affiliate Management, Webinar Platforms, Giveaways, and more.

It’s easily integrated with some of the popular third-party tools like Zapier, WordPress, Shopify, Teachable, Outgrow, Stripe, Wix and a list goes on.convertkit integrations

Pros and Cons of Convertkit

Pros of Convertkit

Suitable for bloggers, marketers, and online businesses that do email marketing.

You will get beautiful forms and landing pages templates.

Customizable headline, text, Color, image, and many more.

Convertkit does allow you to manage all of your subscribers in the different groups and segments.

Subscribers are decidable in a certain sequence, tag, form, date, purchase behavior, and many more

If some subscribers didn’t open the first email, Convertkit has a feature that allows you to retarget them.


Cons of Convertkit

 It’s not available for free use.

No drag and drop feature. If you are looking for this feature then definitely Convertkit is not for you.

It’s more expensive than other email service providers.


FAQs on Convertkit Discount Code 2023

1. Is Convertkit free?

Convertkit is not available for free but offers a 14-day free trial so you can try it for free.


2. How much does it cost of Convertkit?

The price of Convertkit depends on the number of subscribers.

0-1k Subscribers – $29/Mo

1k – 3k Subscribers – $49/Mo

3k – 5k Subscribers – $79/Mo

More than 5k pricing depends on the email list size.


3. Convertkit vs MailChimp, Which one is better?

No doubt, Convertkit is way better than MailChimp. It’s one of the favorite email marketing tools of bloggers and internet marketers. Convertkit provides excellent features that make it easy to email marketing.

However, MailChimp is very easy to use and offers a free plan. If you are a beginner then MailChimp is the right tool to get started but features are limited so sooner or later you will have to migrate your email list on best premium tools like Convertkit.

If you don’t have any budget issues then use Convertkit instead of MailChimp.


4. Can I get a free trial of Convertkit?

Yes, Convertkit offers a 14-day free trial to new customers. So you can try their features before upgrading to the premium plan.

Conclusion on Convertkit Discount Coupon Code

If you are doing email marketing or want to get started Convertkit is the right tool for you which has better automation and segmentation features that make email marketing easy.

Above, I have mentioned the maximum discount you can get 17% OFF or 2-month free plan when you are billed yearly.

You can also try Convertkit for free which is much better before making any decision.

I highly recommend you try Convertkit, it’s worth it.

Get 17% OFF + 14 Days Free Trial on Convertkit

If you have any questions or suggestions related to the Convertkit coupon code. Let me know in the comments.

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