Cloudways Black Friday Deal 2021: Get 40% Discount for 4 Months

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Cloudways Black Friday Deal

If you are looking for a cloud hosting deal?  Then you have landed on the right blog post.

Cloudways black friday deal 2021 is running. You will get a flat 40% OFF for 4 months of hosting.

Cloudways is one of the best-managed cloud hosting providers that has partnered with 5 best cloud hosting providers, so you will able to choose from the best cloud hosting.

This is a once in a year deal usually, Cloudways doesn’t offer such a huge discount because its a well know cloud web host provider. This is the most awaited black Friday web hosting deal for bloggers.

The offer will be available for the following time period.

Starts Date: 14 November 2021

Ends Date: 4 December 2021

To get the Cloudways black friday deal use the given link and coupon code ” BFCM2021 ” to get the 40% discount.

Click Here to Get 40% OFF on Cloudways Hosting

Cloudways Black Friday Sale 2021

Plans Time Period Discount Coupon Code
All 14 Nov to 4 Dec, 2021 Flat 40% OFF for First 3 Months BFCM2021

How to Get Cloudways Black Friday Discount 2021

Step 1: Click on this special black friday link to open cloudways official site. After clicking on this link you will redirect to the Cloudways site.

Cloudways Managed Hosting

There click on the ” Get Started Free” button to get the deal.

Step 2: Next, enter your details like name, email, password, and enter the ” BFCM40 ” promo code to get the black friday discount.Cloudways Back Friday Deal

Step 3: Now click on the ” Start Free ” button then complete the payment to get 40% off on cloudways plan.


Cloudways Plan and Pricing During Black Friday

DigitalOcean: $10/month

Ram 1 GB

Processor 1 core

Storage 25 GB

Bandwidth 1TB


Coulter: $11/month


Processor 1 core

Storage 25 GB

Bandwidth 1 TB

Linode: $12/month


Processor 1 core

Storage 25 GB

Bandwidth 1 TB


Google Cloud: $33.30/Mo

RAM 1.70GB

vCPV 1

torage 20 GB

Bandwidth 2 GB


AWS: $36.51/month

RAM 1.75 GB

vCPV 1

Storage 20 GB

Bandwidth 2 GB


6 Reasons to Choose Cloudways Black Friday Deal 2021

Cloudways Black Friday Deal 2020

Cloudways is one of the popular cloud managed hosting provider company. There are some benefits of hosting on Cloudways.

Top 5 Cloud Hosting Providers

Free site Migration & CDN

Custom Control Panel

Allow to Host Unlimited Sites

“Pay as You Go” Payment Option

24/7/365 Customer Support


1. Top 5  Cloud Hosting Providers

Cloudways lets you choose from the top 5 cloud hosting providers such as Digital Ocean, Linode, VULTR, AWS, and Google Clouds.

You can go with any of these cloud host providers according to your website requirement and budget.

If you have a tight budget or first time hosting your site on cloud hosting then I’ll recommend you to take Digital Ocean plat starts at $10/month.

You will get a fast loading server which boosts your website speed.


2. Free Site Migration & CDN

It’s always a big headache when transferring a site to a new web host, but when you choose Cloudways hosting they offer a free site migration service so you can transfer your first blog/website to its server without spending any extra money.

If you looking for a free site transfer service in web hosting, then Cloudways can be a great choice for you.

Expected migration, Cloudways also offers free CDN so you don’t need to worry about your site lading speed. Your site will be loaded from the nearest server where users belong.


4. Custom Control Panel

Once you create an account on Cloudways then can manage your server through a custom control panel.

It’s unlike Cpanel that offered by most web hosting service providers. Mainly Cpanel designed for upselling other tools and services but Cloudways control panel is optimized for better user experience and less complicated in use.

You will get access to only things that really needed for scaling websites.


4. Allow to Host Unlimited Sites

The best thing is Cloudways enables you to host unlimited sites in whatever plan you choose, so if you have been looking for a hosting service to host multiple sites in a single account then Cloudways is considerable.

Well, you’re free to upgrade and downgrade your servers at any time according to website requirements.

Cloudways take daily backup of your site and gives protection from hackers as well. You can also able to take manual backup by just a few clicks.


5. “Pay as you go” Payment Option

“Pay as you go” payment option makes it far different than some of other popular hosting providers.

Most web hosting companies create a package according to their convenience and you have to pay for resources that you don’t use, but with Cloudways you pay only for what you use and offer the hourly and monthly billing option.


6. 24/7/365 Customer Support

Before purchasing any web hosting service, you should consider to the best customer support that offers technical support to their customers.

Because, If you face any issue in the future, you can have resolved it by contacting support staff.

When you take hosting from Cloudways, then you don’t have to worry about support. They give 24/7/365 top-notch customer support and ready to help out.

Customer support is the #1 priority when considering any web host.


FAQ on Cloudways

What is Cloudways Black Friday deal?

Cloudways is a best-managed cloud hosting provider that lets you host your website on some popular web hosts such as DigitalOcean, Linode, Vultr, AWS, and Google Cloud. On this black Friday sale, you can get massive discounts on cloudways hosting.


Do I get a free site transfer service?

Yes, Cloudways gives a free site migration service along with all plans. You use their free WP Migrator WordPress plugin that easily transfers a site.


Does Cloudways provide Cpanel support?

No, Cloudways comes with its own customized interface instead of Cpanel. which lets you install CMC software and transfer domain and etc. Don’t worry it is very easy to use.


Does Cloudways automatically take the backup?

Yes, Cloudways offers automatic backup with all plans you can set back at your convenience.


Does Cloudways offer any free trial?

Yes, Cloudways gives a 3 days trial to their new customers. Not required any credit card.


Can I get a money-back guarantee on Cloudways?

No, Cloudways doesn’t offer any money-back guarantee instead of that they give a 3 day trial of hosting service completely free.


Does Cloudways has its own CDN to offer?

Yes, Cloudways CDN helps your site to load from the visitor’s nearest server.


Final Thoughts for Cloudways Black Friday Deal

If you want to start a site on cloud hosting on an affordable price. Take Cloudways it is the best and cheapest cloud hosting deal available during black friday sale. You will get a 40% discount for 4 months plans starts at just $10/Mo. Grab the deal now.

Click Here to Get 40% OFF on Cloudways Hosting

Best Black Friday Deals for 2021:

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  • Hosting Features
  • Page Load Speed
  • Server Uptime
  • Customer Support
  • Value for Money


Cloudways is the best-managed cloud hosting platform. It provides affordable cloud hosting with 24/7/356 days customer support. This black friday sale you can get 40% discount for 3 months. Grab the deal now.

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