21 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by Kundan Sharma

Chrome Extensions for Bloggers

As we all know blogging is hard. We need the right tools to make it easy. There are so many best google chrome extensions that help you to save time and effort. You can use useful extensions to complete work faster that makes your life easier.

In this article, I have listed some of the best chrome extensions that I use and recommend for bloggers to save valuable time & increase productivity.

21 Best Google Chrome Extensions for Bloggers in 2023

1. Awesome Screenshots

When it comes to the screenshot chrome extensions awesome screenshot is the best chrome extension you can use.
It allows you to take various types of screenshots whole area, select area, and the visible area of the whole screen.
awesome screenshots extension


It does not only allow you to take screenshots you can also edit them using their tool. They have also a feature to record screen video.
Awesome Screenshot is completely free, so you don’t have to pay any cost for using this tool.

2. Grammarly Extension

It’s a writing & editing tool that allows users to write error-free. Grammarly is one of the best grammar checking tools you can get online.
They also offer a chrome extension that makes Grammarly more professional and easy to use.
You can install the Grammarly Chrome extension in your browser that helps you to remove grammatical mistakes, sentence improvement, word improvement, and many more things.
Grammarly Chrome Extension


I have been using Grammarly for a couple of years that helped me to improve my content quality. I usually edit my blog posts with Grammarly. its chrome extension help to write everywhere like social posts, blog posts, emails and etc.

If you are a blogger and content creator. You should try the Grammarly Chrome extension. You will definitely like this tool.
You can use Grammarly for free that is as good as the premium version. It is one of my favorite best google chrome extensions that I love to use while writing blog posts.

3. Email Hunter

Email Hunter Chrome extension is a tool that lets you immediately find the email address behind the sites you opened in your browser.
This is the best time-saver chrome extension for bloggers. You don’t need to go through various pages to find the email or contact page of the website. It’s a time-consuming process too.
Email Hunter Chrome eExtension
Email Hunter Chrome extension makes it easy to get associated emails of any website. This is a very useful extension for the blogger when they try to outreach other bloggers and brands.
I just started using this tool, I can say it has saved my valuable time while finding emails. Before using this tool I had to go through all website pages to find email addresses.

4. Moz Bar

Sometimes we need to see the quick SEO score of a website that we browse. Moz bar chrome extension will help you to find the page overview of the website.
It’s a free tool that displays important SEO metrics of a site like Page Authority & Domain Authority.
moz chrome bar
It also displays the DA and PA of Google search results when you search for something on Google. It’s a very useful extension when you planning to acquire backlinks from high authority sites.

5. Evernote Web Clipper

Evernote web clipper is one of the best chrome extensions for bloggers. It allows you to keep notes and access from everywhere. It’s a free chrome extension that helps to save web pages, articles, and PDFs.
Evernote Web Clipper Chrome Extension
When you see the useful information you can easily capture the full screen as well as the part you want to remember.
It is helpful when you do content research online. You can simply clip the things you need.

6. Link Miner

Linkminer is an awesome tool when it’s come to find broken links. It takes broken link checking to the next level.
Its chrome extension will help you to find broken links of web pages. It shows a broken link with the colored red background.
link miner chrome extension

Bloggers always try to find broken & outdated links of websites to get backlinks without guest posting. Link miner also shows you the error code of the broken link that makes it y to find a 404 URL.

You must give a try to link miner chrome extension.

7. Keywords Everywhere

We bloggers always looking for high volume keywords with low competition. Keywords everywhere is one of the best google chrome extensions that show you Google keyword search volume and cost per click (CPC).
It also shows that autosuggest & related keywords monthly volume with CPC rate.

Keyword everywhere support on various websites like YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, Answer the Public and etc.

keyword everywhere extension


The tool also allows users to add keywords in the favorite list and later you can download a bunch of keywords list in Excel, CSV, and PDF file format.
It’s a great tool that was free for a long period of time but Recently, creators of this tool stopped the free plan. The basic plan starts from $10 per month for 100,000 credits.

8. Buffer

Buffer is a social media management tool that allows users to manage social accounts and schedules.
We always did mistakes when it comes to promoting the blog post on social media. We just post once and forgot about them that doesn’t end with lots of traffic from social sites.
buffer chrome extension


We must auto-schedule the blog post for social media platforms.
Buffer chrome extension allows you to easily schedule a blog post for social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and many more.
It’s the best & free social media management tool. As a blogger, you should have a buffer chrome extension in your browser.

9. LastPass

LastPass is one of the useful chrome extensions for bloggers, As a Blogger we need to sign-up on various websites and programs. It’s almost impossible to remember all that login details. If we type these login details in a spreadsheet that takes lots of time.
LastPass is a chrome extension tool that allows you to store your passwords in a secure place. You don’t have to do anything manually.
last pass chrome extension for blogger
It automatically collects all the login details which you go through so later you can log in to those websites with just one click. It’s a wonderful tool for managing passwords.

10. GMass

When we have to send the same email to hundreds of people. It’s irritating to send emails one by one.

It’s a time-consuming process too.


GMass is a great free tool that allows you to send the same email to hundreds of people at once and make email outreach easy.
gmass chrome extension

To do this you just need to create a list of prospects in Google sheet and connect GMass so with a single click you can send emails at once.

It’s a free Chrome extension helpful for the bloggers to outreach.

11. MailTrack

In Gmail, we can send an email but can’t see receipt has viewed our massage or not like we can see in WhatsApp.
Mail Track is a free tool that does a similar task for email.
If the email has been delivered but not read the there will be a single tick when the recipient opens your email the second tick also turns green.
mail track chrome extension

It’s a very useful tool for bloggers when they outreach to other bloggers for backlinks, promotions and etc. It makes easier to know people who have already read your emails.

12. StayFocusd

These days it’s common to get an addiction to various social platforms.
As a blogger, we must be productive to suitable growth but you can lose yourself with addiction websites like Facebook, YouTube & Instagram.
In that case, StayFocusd comes useful to get more productive in online business.
stay focus chrome extension

It’s a simple but powerful tool that allows you to stay focus on your job via restricts the time you spend on other websites.

You only have to set a daily limit on the amount of time you use. Once the time up StayFocusd blocks those websites You only have to set a daily limit on the amount of time you use. Once the time up StayFocusd blocks those websites until the next day.the next day.
I highly recommend you use StayFocus chrome extension if you addicted to a website that affects your work.

13. Push Bullet

Do you know that you can read all your Mails, WhatsApp, Messages, Social Chats and notifications, and many other things directly from your computer & laptop?
The PushBullet is an awesome chrome extension that allows users to do this for free. It syncs your message and notification from your mobile and you can reply to them directly from push bullet chrome extension.
push bullet

You will also able to share various links and files between your phone & PC so you don’t have to look at your mobile.

Things can easily be done through a browser it’s useful when you have to work on your pc and you need to reply to an important message.

14. Alexa Tool Bar

As you know Alexa shows the traffic rank. It’s very important for a blogger to know how popular is a website.

alexa tool bar


Alexa toolbar chrome extension helps you to check rank domain global rank, country rank, sites linking, similar websites, and speed of website within just on the toolbar.

15. Bitly

It’s a URL shortener tool that allows you to make the URL shorter so it can be easily tracked.
You can easily install a Bitly chrome extension in your browser that helps you to make shorten URLs with just a couple of clicks.
bitly link shortner chrome extension

You can use the link to share your blog post on Twitter, social media bio, and YouTube description.


16. SEOquack

SEOquack is a free SEO chrome extension tool that allows you to find quick SEO stats of any website.

It will show you useful information about sites such as Alexa Rank, No of Backlink, Google Index, SEMrush Traffic, Authority of a Site, and many more.

SEOquack works as a competitor analysis SEO tool. You can see the SEO score of your competitor with just one click.seoquack chrome extension

I personally use SEOquack chrome extension to analyze SEO score of new competitors using compare urls feature.

You can also see the link profile of any website through internal and external link tab.

It’s one of the must-have chrome extensions for bloggers to quickly analyze SEO stats of competitor’s.


17. Color Pick Eye Dropper

It’s a color chooser chrome extension that allows you to select a color value from anywhere on a site.

Sometimes it’s difficult to match the same color of things on a website, for example, header and footer.

This tool is useful for bloggers, website designers, and developers which help to choose a color code by taking the cursor to a particular place.

Color Pick Eye Dropper

It’s very useful and increases productivity when you design your site.

I often use this chrome extension when I customize pages using the Elementor page builder. I simply take the color value and paste it on the places where I wanted to be the same color to appear.

18. Font Finder

Do you want to know what font style your competitors are using?  Then the font finder tool comes in use.

It’s easy to use font inspector, created for bloggers, designers, and typographers to quickly analyze the front information of any website.

font finder chrome extension

You need to install the font finder extension to the chrome browser then click on it and select the word which you want to inspect.

It’ll show you some helpful information like font color, background color, font family, font size, font-weight, line-height and etc.


19. Easy Blog Commenting

Easy blog commenting is a free chrome extension by Indian award-winning blogger Harsh Aggarwal.

Using this extension you can do fast commenting on blogs that save your valuable time.

easy blog commenting

If you are a blogger and do a lot of blog commenting on blogs then this is a must-have extension for you.

You can create multiple profiles and automatically fill your name, email, and website in the field while writing the comment.

If you want to grow your online presence through blog commenting then you should try this easy blog commenting extension.


20. Add to Any

Whenever I find a valuable post I use add to any chrome extension to share it on my social accounts like Facebook and Twitter.

Add to any is a universal share button that allows you to share articles and videos to various platforms like Gmail, WhatsApp, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and many more.

add to any extension


It’s a fully customizable tool, you can add or rearrange the orders of buttons according to requirement.

If you regularly share articles on social media platforms then this is a useful chrome extension for you that will save a lot of your time.

21. Save to Pocket

Are you looking for the easiest way to save online stuff?

Pocket Chrome extension is the best and fastest way to capture articles, videos and almost anything you get online.

Whenever I research articles online for creating blog posts, I simply capture them using pocket chrome extension so later I can read.

Save to Pocket Chrome Extension

The best thing is you can get access to saved content in the pocket mobile app and across all of your devices.

Pocket mobile application allows you to read and watch captured content when you have free time. It’s a free chrome extension that helps you to remember everything.


Over to You

There are so many good and useful chrome extensions for bloggers. But, I have listed the 21 best extensions that I found helpful for the bloggers to save time and boost productivity.

Note that only use extensions that you think would be useful for you. If you use too many in a browser it can be slow your browser speed.

Some of my favorite extensions for blogging is Grammarly, Keywords Everywhere, Buffer, Stay Focus, Email Hunter and Evernote Web Clipper and etc.

I hope this post was helpful to you to find google chrome extensions for bloggers. If you have any questions & suggestions let me know.

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