7 Tips to Choose The Right Keywords to Rank Your Blog Posts

Last Updated on December 23, 2023 by Kundan Sharma

Tips to choose right keywords for blog post
Keyword research is one of the most important ranking factors you should choose the right keywords carefully.
Day-to-day keyword research getting more complicated due to lots of competition.
So in this article, I’m going to share with you tips to find profitable keywords for your blog post.

How to Choose The Right Keywords for Your Website

1. Go For Long Term Keywords

If you really want to rank your blog post quickly in Google then long-term keywords are the best.
Most people go for the short-term keywords but there is so much competition and it’s not easy to rank in the top 10 results.

Long Tail Keywords

Do you know that 70% of the time people search for long-term keywords in Google? So don’t think you will get less traffic when you target the long-term keywords. They drive a high conversion rate compared to short and mid-terms because they are more specific.

Here are some good examples of long-term keywords.
“Cheap hotels in Bangkok”
“Winter clothes for baby girl”
“Online image editing tools for bloggers”
These types of long-term keywords rank easily you only have to choose a long-tail keyword and create an awesome blog post.
And you will see your post get a higher ranking in Google.

2. Local Keywords

Do you know most of the searches that happen on Google are local searches? People search on Google to find out about local businesses and services.
Actually, it’s less competitive than the global search and local searchers are also converting in the paying customer.

If you are operating locally then you should focus on ranking for local keywords.
Because global searches will not add any extra revenue to your business.
You should need to go for this type of keywords for example
“Cheap hotels in Babylon”
“Plumbers in Texas”
“ AC gyms in Park Street”
I think you would get the ideas that I mean about choosing local keywords.

3. Think Like a Customer

If I tell you keyword research is not as useful as before 3 or 4 years ago.
These days marketers and SEO experts try to find out searcher intense.

That means what people will be going to type in search engines like Google.
There is so much competition in already ranked keywords. If you go for them chances are you will get less majority of visitors due to heavy competition.

It’s better to know the searcher’s intent and find new trending topics that people are searching for.

4. Analysis of Competitor’s Keywords

Ranking in Google does not only depend on you it also depends on what your competitors are doing.
You should have to analyze competitors keywords and also try to rank for targeted keywords of them by creating better content than your competitors.

For analyzing keywords of your competitor you can use a tool like Ubersuggest(it’s a free) tool.
Simply place the URL of your competitor in the search box and click on the search button.
It will show you all the top pages that are driving traffic to your competitor’s website.
Now you need to click the view button of a particular ranking, page to know the target keywords.

Ubersuggest Keyword Research tool

It will show you all the keywords for this page ranking.
Now it’s your turn to use these keywords in your new and better blog post on the same topic.

5. Use Keyword Research Tools

Keyword research tools are one of the best ways to choose the right keywords for your blog post.
They show the average monthly search of keywords with SEO and paid difficulty to get rank in the search result.

There are so many good keyword research tools such as Keyword Planner, Long Tail Pro, Ubersuggest, SEMrsuh and more.
You can use these tools to get the keywords ideas for your blog post.
I have already written a post on how to use Google keyword planner that will help to choose perfect keywords.

I recommend you to use SEMrush, it’s one of the best keyword research and SEO tool which help site to rank higher in search results.
Click Here to use SEMrush for 7 days of free trial.


6.  Get Keyword Idea From Google

Whenever you search on Google and type something in the search box you will see that Google suggests you some extra keywords which are people are searching for often.

Here for example:
I searched on Google “how to make a blog” and it showed me “how to make a blog on WordPress” which indicates that people are searching for this keyword.

Google Suggest

You can take keyword ideas from Google suggestions.
Now it’s time for the LSI keywords it’s very similar to the auto-suggest. You can see the LSI keywords bottom of the top 10 results of Google.

LSI Keywords

Some LSI keyword examples:
I have searched “how to start a blog” and Google showed me some extra related searches such as
How to create a blog on bloggerhow to create a blog on WordPresshow to create a blog for free and make money” and etc.

7. Use Search Console

Most bloggers don’t know the power of search console, it’s one of the best tools provided by Google for webmasters.
Which helps you to find out perfect keywords for your website and blog.
Search console shows you all keywords which for your blog that got impressions and clicks.

See keywords in Search Console

You can simply choose those keywords that are getting more impressions and add them to your blog post.
It will boost your traffic over time.
I personally use this method to rank my blog post higher in search results.


If you really want to get rank your keywords in the search engine then you should need to follow these above-given tips to choose before any keyword.
These keyword research tips will help you to take the targeted and low-competition keywords.
I hope this post helped you to choose the right keywords for your blog posts. If you have any suggestions. Let me know in the comments.


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