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Buzzsprout Discount Code

Do you look for Buzzsprout Discount Code? If yes, then you have come to the right post.

Buzzsprout is a popular podcast hosting, monetizing, and distribution platform that is trusted by 100,000 podcasters all over the world.

It offers a lot of good features that help YouTube create and market your podcast. In this article, you will get to know about Buzzsprout discounts & offers.

I will also guide you on how to avail Buzzsprout of a 50% discount,  step-by-step guide is given below.

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Buzzsprout Coupons, Promos & Offers

buzzsprout logo
Get 50% OFF On Buzzsprout Plan
Buzzsprout offers a 50% discount on all plans.Show More
Buzzsprout offers a 50% discount on all plans. Show Less
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Buzzsprout Basic Plan Starts from $12/month
Buzzsprout lowest plan starts from $12/month for 3 hrs content per month.
Buzzsprout lowest plan starts from $12/month for 3 hrs content per month. Show Less
buzzsprout logo
Buzzsprout 90 Days Free Trial
Get started with podcasting for free. Try Buzzsprout 90 Days free trial.
Get started with podcasting for free. Try Buzzsprout 90 Days free trial. Show Less


Buzzsprout Coupon Code 2024

Buzzsprout is an online podcaster platform that lets users host, create, and monetize podcasts. Using it you can submit your podcast to popular platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, and more.

If you are looking to try Buzzsprout but don’t want to pay the full price then you can get 50% OFF on the Buzzsprout plan.

You can also try this podcast platform’s basic plan for free for 90 days but the free version has limitations so try it’s one of the paid plans at a 50% discounted price.

Click on the following link to get the Buzzsprout discount.

Get 50% OFF on Buzzsprout


Buzzsprout Free Trial

Buzzsprout is one of the most popular podcast hosting platforms and a better alternative to Blubrry, Podbean, and

If you are looking for a Buzzsprout free trial, it offers a 90-day free trial plan.

If you are the first time getting started with podcasting then Buzzsprout’s free plan helps to learn how to create and distribute podcasts for free.

You can try Buzzsprout 90 days for free which gives you 2 hrs of content limit each month which is enough for beginner podcasters.

So what are you waiting for, get your Buzzspout free trial today, no credit card is required.

You can also cancel your account at any time. Click on the following link to try it for free today.

Get 90-Day Free Trial


How to Use Buzzsprout Coupon Code?

You can use the Buzzspout coupon code in these few steps:

Step 1: Go to the Buzzsprout official website.

Step 2: Choose a plan according to your requirements.

Step 3: Now, proceed with the checkout process. There find the spot to add a promo code.

Step 4: Enter your code and continue with the discounted price.

Step 5: Make the payment.


Buzzsprout Pricing & Plans

Buzzsprout pricing

Buzzsprout offer 3 paid plans on a monthly basis:$12/month, $18/month, and $24/month. They also offer a free plan for 90 days but it has some limitations.



This is the starter plan of Buzzsprout, which costs you $12/month for 3 hrs of content each month. The plan comes with advanced stats, unlimited team members, and import podcasts for free.

If you upload more content then you will be charged an additional $4 per hour.



This plan lets you host a podcast for 6 hrs each month and has all the features of a $12/month plan. If you upload additional content then you will need to pay $3 per hour.



The plan allows you to upload 12 hrs content each month and if you upload more than that then it costs you an additional $2 per hour.

This is the best plan for professionals and businesses to host unlimited content at a reasonable price.

All plans come with the Podcast Statistics, Podcast Website, Custom Embed Player, and Podcast Directories.


Buzzsprout Plans & Features

Buzzsprout Plans/FeatuersFree$12/month$18/month$24/month
Upload LimitLimited to 2 hours each monthUpload more content for ($4 per hour)Upload more content for
($3 per hour)
Upload more content for
($2 per hour)
Advanced StatsYesYesYesYes
Unlimited Team MembersYesYesYesYes
Hosted WebsiteNoYesYesYes
Cohost AINoAdd for $10/monthAdd for $20/month
Add for $30/month
Magic MasteringNoAdd for $6/monthAdd for $9/monthAdd for $12/month


About Buzzsprout

Buzzsprout home

Buzzsprout is a podcast hosting and monetizing platform. It has everything you will need to become a successful podcaster.

It’s a complete cloud-based podcast hosting tool that helps creators to host and distribute podcasts on various platforms like Spotify, Google Podcast, Apple Podcast, Amazon Music, Overcast and more.

Buzzsprout is used by 100,000 podcasters which make it one of the most popular podcasting platform.

It allows uploading audio files on the platform and schedule episodes on specific dates.

You can also embed a podcast player on your website so your audience can listen to and share podcasts from your website to social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and more.

Buzzsprout allows podcasters to monitor the performance of their podcast episodes. It has a built-in analytics tool that let you monitor based on geographical regions, the total number of episodes, where people most listen the podcast, and more.

It offers a plugin to make podcasts with WordPress easy for you.


Buzzsprout Pros and Cons

These to the pros and cons of using Buzzsprout for podcasting.


  • The free plan is available
  • Podcasts are automatically submitted to podcast directories
  • Affiliate marketplace
  • Allows you to monetize your podcast episodes
  • You can embed your podcast on the website
  • Offer a beautiful podcast player
  • API integration
  • Top-notch customer support


  • The free trial expires in 90 days
  • Charge additional money when hit the monthly limit
  • Month-to-month payment system


Top Reasons To Choose Buzzsprout Coupon Code 2024

Buzzsprout offers everything you need to host, create, monetize, and distribute your podcasts. Here are some top reasons why you should try Buzzsprout for podcasting.


Cloud-Based Podcast Hosting platform

Buzzsprout is a fully cloud-based podcasting tool that allows you to host podcasts over the internet with the help of a web browser.

You no need to download any heavy applications to your desktop and mobile. It’s a very easy-to-use platform that is suitable for all newbies and professionals as well.


Embed Podcast Player On Website

If you are a blogger or run a website and if you wondering how to add a podcast to your site then it’s very easy to do with Buzzsprout.

You can embed a podcast player in your blog or website using code snippets or you can also use a Buzzsprout Podcasting Plugin which is free to use.

Buzzsprout podcast player

Using this plugin, you will be able to podcast episodes to the WordPress site and the plugin also lets you customize things like player color, add sharing button, and episode details.


Submit To Podcast Directories

Buzzsprout has partnered with all the popular podcast directories like Apple Podcast, Spotify, google Podcast, Amazon Music, and more.

If you looking to get audiences for your podcasts then Buzzsprout is the right place for you.

Buzzsprout directories

It allows you to submit podcasts to popular directories. All you need to do is, go to the “Directories” option and then select network and click on submit button.

Buzzsprout will automatically distribute to podcast platforms you have selected.


Built-in Monetization Tool

If you were wondering how to monetize your podcast episodes then don’t worry Buzzsprout got to cover you.

It has a “Resource” page where you can join affiliate programs directly.

This monetization tool will help you to find ready-to-partner brands, doesn’t matter whether you are a newbie podcaster or a professional.

Buzzsprout marketplace

You will have the opportunity to monetize your podcast with affiliate brands.

Even you can also add outside sponsors to your podcasts. Note that, Buzzsprout doesn’t take any commission 


Podcast Statistics

Podcasting data is important for track the performance of your episodes.

Buzzsprout offers a built-in advanced podcast analysis tool that shows you the total no of downloads and no of episodes listeners.

Buzzsprout stats

You can also filter stats by geolocation, podcast directories, and week month to get the exact insights.

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Conclusion On Buzzsprout Promo Code

Buzzsprout is a complete podcast hosting tool and has affiliate marketplace and podcast directories to get more listeners and earn money by monetizing episodes.

I especially recommend Buzzsprout because it has a free plan available for beginners to test. There’s only one drawback of it which is limiting the content otherwise it is the best tool to get started with podcasting for free.

Buzzsprout is suitable for both newbie and professional podcasters so if you are new to podcast hosting then you can start your podcaster journey with Buzzsprout for free for 90 days.

If you are a professional or expert podcaster then get one of its paid plans. You will get a 50% discount on Buzzsprout. Click on the following link to avail of the offer now.


FAQs on Buzzsprout Coupon Code 2024

Here are some most frequently asked questions related to the Buzzsprout promo code.


What Is Buzzsprout?

Buzzsprout is a popular podcast hosting platform that is entirely a cloud-based podcasting system to host, create and monetize your podcasts.


How To Get A Discount On Buzzsprout?

To get the maximum discount on Buzzsprout, use any links on this article to grab 50% off on plans.


What Is The Maximum Discount I Get On Buzzsprout?

You will get the 50% off on your first podcast hosting plan with Buzzsprout. The offer is applicable to all plans.


Do I Get A Free Trial Of The Buzzsprout Podcast Service?

Yes, Buzzsprout offers a free trial. You can try its basic plan for free for up to 90 days, no credit card is required.

So, get started with Buzzsprout for free today.


Does Buzzsprout Have A Free Plan?

Yes, Buzzsprout comes with a free plan for newbies but it is a very basic plan, that allows you to upload 2 hrs of podcast content each month.


What Is The Basic Cost Of Buzzsprout?

Buzzsprout basic plan starts from $12/month. The plan lets you host 3 hrs of content each month plus Advanced Stats, Unlimited Team Members, and Import podcast for Free.


Can I Pay For A Whole Year?

No, Buzzsprout is not set up to support yearly payments. It charges month-to-month from customers.


Does Buzzsprout Have A Lifetime Deal Or Plan?

Buzzsprout is a cloud-based podcast hosting and monetizing platform. It doesn’t offer any lifetime deal because this business model is not profitable for them in the long run.


Can I Switch Plans At Any Time?

Yes, it charges month-to-month so you can move to your preferred plan at any time.


Do I Get Technical Support?

Buzzsprout support team will always be there 24/7 ready to answer your questions. If you will need any help with podcasting they will guide you.

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