How to Bring More Traffic to Your New Blog

Bring More Traffic to Your New Blog

Most New Bloggers have the same Question How to get visitors to my blog. So many bloggers quit blogging careers just because of low number of visitors at their blog.
Some of the new bloggers don’t know what should do with their log to get visitors. They don’t follow some blogging tips which have important for new babies to get traffic.
There are so many ways to get visitors to your new blog. I am going to show you in this article.

1. Write an Attractive Headline

Wherever your blog post come like Search Engine and Social Platform peoples see your blog heading first, so always make your log Heading attractive or catchy which force people to click on your post.
When your blog post is attractive peoples click on if not they will move to the next option. So many blogger thinks the attractive headline is more important to get visitors.

2.  Promote Your Blog Through Social Media

Now day billions of peoples are using social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and Instagram, etc.
The best way to get traffic to your new blog is to promote your site at Social Platform. You can create pages and a group of your blog on the site like Facebook and Google+ to promote your blog. You can invite your friends to like your page after getting some like at your Facebook page it will increase daily.
You can also promote your blog post through sponsor ads on Facebook which will be more profitable for you.
You can join the communities according to your niche on Facebook and Google+ and add promote your blog article there. You will get targeted traffic.

3. Commenting On Blogs

Do comments on the blog who under your blog niche is the best way to get backlinks for your new blog. Backlinks are very important for ranking in search engines.  Just you have to do comment on the blogs under your niche with your log URL. You will get some valuable visitors to your new blog.

4. Write Detailed and Quality Posts

You can’t get traffic at your blog from a search engine when your blog posts are poor.
You have to spend time to write quality and detailed article for your blog. Which helps to get more visitors at your blog.
Always try to write your blog articles fewer than 1000 to 1,500 words. Because some blogger write more than 2000 words post at their blog and the thing is Google love long post and well-written articles to show the top of the search results.
It’s very important for you to write quality contains for your blog.

5.  SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

SEO is a very important part of blogging. Some people say when you are starting a blog forgot about SEO but that’s not good.
When you are writing a blog post you have to add Keywords in your post title and contain. This tells the search engine what the Blog post is about.
You have to analyze Keywords to add them in your blog post. so don’t forget about SEO. It plays an important role in the ranking of your blog in search engines.
So always focus on proper keywords and SEO while writing blog posts.

6. Video Marketing

Now day’s peoples are started watching videos more than before. You can create 1 or 2 minutes video on your blog niche and submit on YouTube and also at your Blog.
You can create a YouTube channel of your Blog which helps to more get more visitors at your blog because now Day’s peoples are starting Using YouTube more.

7. Submit Your Blog Sitemap to Search Engines

You have to submit your blog sitemap to all Search Engines. you need to submit your blog sitemap to “Google Webmaster Tools” and Bing and Yahoo Search Engine. Which helps to get more traffic at your new blog.

Now you can get visitors at your new blog to promote your new blog on social media to get visitors at your blog. If I missed anything on how to get visitors to your new blog, let me know in the comment section.

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