21 Best Blogging Tools for Beginners in 2024

Last Updated on December 26, 2023 by Kundan Sharma

Blogging Tools You Should Know
We always need some great blogging tools which make our blogging journey easy.
Blogging is just not about writing and posting articles.

It’s also important to choose useful tools that help you to achieve desirable goals. But it’s very hard for the newbie bloggers who don’t want to spend money on paid tools.

That’s why I added free and paid both the best blogging tools for beginners on this list, so this post will be beneficial for both beginners and those who want to spend money on tools.

These 21 blogging tools will help you to do blogging in the right way. I know most of the guys already know about some of the tools which are listed in this post.

Here Is The List of Best Blogging Tools for Beginner Bloggers

1. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsightsMonsterInsights is a WordPress plugin that allows users to customize and manage Google Analytics in a WordPress site.

With the help of MonsterInsights, you can easily set up Google Analytics in your WordPress site to track website Analytics.

This is the best insight plugin that gives you some extra tracking features like eCommerce tracking, Affiliate link tracking reference tracking, Popular post tracking, File tracking and etc.

It’s come with a unique feature called scroll depth tracking which helps you to know how much an average user scrolling your website when seeing web pages. You can use this data to optimize your websites that make better engagement with users.
• Get the MosterIsights

2. Canva

canva-online image editing tool

Canva is a free online image editing tool that comes with some awesome editing features.
It’s one of the best photo editing tools online.

I personally love to use canva most of my blog and social media images have been created with canva, i would say you will fall in love with canva when you first try it.

Canva offers hundreds of pre-ready templates that save your time you can choose any design which you like, provides some cool things like Icons, Shapes, Lines, Illustrations, Background and text style, etc. You will also get thousands of free photos for editing.

If you aren’t happy with their free images don’t worry you can upload your own image, logo, and able to edit them.

It does allow us to download the created image in JPG, PNG, and PDF formats.

The best thing I love about canva is that you can save your work and edit them later whenever you want by just login in to your dashboard.


3. WordPress.org

WordPress is an open-source blogging platform application that used to start a site. Most blogs online powered by WordPress.

It’s the best blogging platform because of its unique features, WordPress provides great features that help to build a perfect blog.


They have provided thousands of free and paid plugins that allow you to add extra functionality easily to your blog.

You will also get access to hundreds of free themes you can use from anyone.


4. Bluehost

Bluehost Home
You have already know which blogging platforms you need to use. Now you need to know which hosting provider you should need to take.

Bluehost is one of the best hosting provider companies for WordPress-powered sites. It’s powering over 2 million websites worldwide.

Bluehost has been recommended by WordPress and provides some great features like 1 click WordPress installation, 24/7 customer support, 30 days money-back guarantee, and a free SSL certificate.

I recommend you to get hosting from Bluehost at $3.95 a month for your blog. I have already written an article on how to start a blog with Bluehost hosting. follow this guide to launch your first blog.


5. Pixabay


Images are the most valuable thing about the blog they attract the user and motivate them to read the post up to the end.

Pixabay is a free stock photos provider website. it’s the #1 best blogging tool for beginners. it will provide you stunning free images.


It has over 1.5 million royalty-free stock photos. You can download high-quality images for free and able to use them anywhere you want, because of Pixabay images released under creative commons CC0. you don’t need to get worried about any copyright issue.

You can browse images by name and category they provide different categories like animals, fashion, texture, finance, computer, education, food, food, education, food, food, music, and many more.


6. Readability Checker

Readablity test tool

Readability checker tool indicates what is your post readability score. You only have to paste the URL of your post then click on the calculate readability button.

It will show your readability level of the post. I always write the post around the 7th-grade level because the average no of peoples likes to read at this level. Your article must be written between 7th to 8th grade.

The good thing about this tool that it’s free. You should always have to focus on writing a post as simple as you can so everybody able to understand.


7. Google Trends

Google Trends

Google Trends is a tool provided by Google that shows you the popularity of top searches. It’s very difficult to find trending topics and which ones going to be popular in the future.

But Google trends can help you to find trending topics and even you can compare two or more things to find out which one is getting popularity and which one losing.

You can use this tool to find out content ideas for your blog and able to compare anything like substitute and alternative products.

For example, If you want to compare the popularity of coffee and tea for this you have to open google trends and type coffee in the search bar then you need to add a new compare bar where you need to write tea.

Now you will able to see the popularity of both products via a graph. You can also able to see the last 12 months popularity percentage of any searches.


8. SEMrush

semrush seo tool
SEMrush is a complete SEO tool that comes with some great features, but most peoples used SEMrush for keyword research.

But it’s more than a keyword research tool. SEMrush shows you which posts of your competitor’s blog driving traffic to their site and the top results of a specific keyword.


It’s also a good backlink checker tool that does deep link analysis, understand referring domains authority, check backlinks type and sport your link geolocation.

You Can get SEMrush for 7 Days Free Trial. Click Here to Signup

9. Buffer


As a blogger and marketer, you need to manage lots of social media platforms to promote your blog post and communicate with peoples. It’s very difficult to go to each and every social platform one by one.

Actually, it’s time-consuming.


Buffer is a social media management tool that does allow you to manage every social account from just one place.

You can easily able to manage some famous social networks such as Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, and LinkedIn.

Buffer allows you to schedule posts for all of your social accounts at once, and it will be published automatically, according to the posting schedule.


It also shows you the analytics report to see your social media performance that helps in to make social media strategies. This is really a useful blogging tool that saves your time.


10. Google Keyword Planner

Google keyword-plannerWhen you looking for the best blogging tools for beginners, you can’t miss a free tool like Google Keyword Planner.
Keyword research is very important before start writing an article on any topic.

It is very difficult to rank in Google without proper keyword research. You always need keywords that are profitable and peoples are actually searching for.You can use a tool like Google keyword planner is a free tool that comes under the google Adwords(advertisement tool) here you can find keyword ideas, competition, and monthly searches that help to find better keywords for a blog post.

I don’t want to go into the deep tutorial of this tool because I have already written a beginner’s guide on google keyword planner.

You can read this guide to understand how can you use keyword planner if you are a beginner.

The best thing I like about this tool, it’s show estimated monthly searches of keywords and also provide long-tail keywords idea that easily ranks higher in the search engine.


11. Yoast SEO

Yoast SEOSEO is one of the important things of a site. It helps to optimize the site for search engines.
For this, you need an SEO tool.
Yoast SEO is the #1 WordPress SEO plugin that helps you to optimize your blog for SEO-friendly.

It’s one of the best and favorite SEO tools for WordPress users.

Yoast has some useful features such as advanced XML sitemap functionality and title and meta description optimization etc.

And. the snippet preview feature shows you how your post title and description look in search results. I used the Yoast plugin to optimize my blog for SEO.


12. Google Analytics

google analyticsIf you are not analyzing data on your website then you are losing lots of leads. Data analysis helps to achieve goals so you can focus on the right way.

Google analytics is a free tool provided by Google. It’s one of the best analytics tools that help to do a complete analysis of your site.

It will show you page views, sessions, users, traffic resources and bounce rate, etc. You can also able to see the real-time audience report that shows how many peoples are currently on your site and

which pages are they browsing?

You will also get the traffic breakdown such as organic, referral, paid, emails, social and other. Should have to use google analytics on your blog to understand more about visitors.


13. Google Search Console

search console
Google search console is a tool that crawls and indexes web pages of the site.

You need to submit an XML sitemap of your blog that allows Google bots to index pages so they can appear in search results.

The search console provides some important things about web pages like Click, Impression, CTR, Position, and country, etc.

You can also see the list of top keywords for your site got ranked and how many pages have been indexed in google.


14. Grammarly

grammarly writting tool
Grammarly is a tool that helps you to write error-free. It offers accurate, context-specific suggestions to make your work shine.

Grammarly allows users to write mistake-free everywhere on the web like Email, Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, and WordPress, etc.

It scans your text for common and complex grammatical mistakes and fixes them. Grammarly also provides a free browser extension that allows you to write fearlessly over online.

So you will be able to write an error-free blog post. You can also use Grammarly applications on your desktop and mobile.

Click Here to Join Grammarly for Free. Which allows you to write confidently anywhere.

15. Google Page Speed Insights

Google pagespeed insightsDo you know site speed is one of the most important ranking factors? Google ranks only those sites that load faster.

Site speed also affects the user experience. If your blog load slowly then people would leave your site that creates a high bounce rate which decreases your ranking in SERPs.

Google page speed insights is a free tool powered by Google that will help you to do the speed test of your site.

You only have to go page speed insights and put the URL of your site.

It will show you speed percentage out of 100 scores in the desktop version and as well as mobile. You will get to know about things like page stats, optimization suggestions, and optimization already present.


16. Evernote


Evernote is one of the free best blogging tools for beginners that helps people better focus on what matters most.

It helps to remember everything, over 225 million people around the world have used Evernote. It’s available in more than 25 languages.

It’s one of the best note-taking tools to grab text, screenshots, and many more things.

You can also use the Evernote Chrome extension and mobile application to capture and manage ideas, projects, do-to list,s and more.

Evernote allows users to write notes, attach documents, take voice memos, scan images, and clip from the web.

It’s a must-have tool for beginner bloggers. You should try this amazing tool to remember everything.


17. SEOPressor Blog Title Generator

SEOPressor Blog Title Generator

SEOPressor Blog Title Generator is my favorite title generator tool. When I write a new blog post on my blog I use it.

It’s a free tool that gives you endless suggestions of catchy titles and also helps to find out blogging topics as well.

You can simply type the keyword and click on the generated title button.

It will show you a bunch of blog post ideas and headlines.

There’s an option to modify the results by specifying your keywords like brand/product, event, industry, location, person’s name, and skill.

Do you know a better headline increases conversions up to 528%? So use this tool to find a better post title to boost your CTR.


18. Google Docs

Google Docs

It’s my favorite place to write and edit blog posts. Google docs is a word processor part of a free web-based software office suite that is offered by Google within google drive.

Google docs allow you to write and edit files online, the best thing is your content will be saved in google drive so you can access it from all across your devices.

It also allows you to collaborate with others. If you are a blogger and content writer, you would definitely like this tool.

Google docs is available as a web application that supports web browsers like Google Chrome and Firefox Safari and etc.

You can also use its mobile app which is available for both Android and iOS devices.


19. Better Click to Tweet

better click to tweet wordpress plugin

Better Click to Tweet is a WordPress plugin that helps you to embed click-to-tweet quota on blog posts that help to drive more traffic from Twitter.

It allows users to easily share your content on Twitter. To use this tool you need to install a better click-to-tweet plugin in your WordPress dashboard and signup.

Then, you simply need to add a click to tweet code where you want to display it.

You can get the code from WordPress text editor. I recently started using click to tweet quota on my blog posts to drive more traffic from Twitter.


20. Answer the Public

AnswerThePublic content ideas tool

Answer the Public is one of the best search query tools that combine suggested searches from Google and Bing.

It organized searches in categories such as what, where, and why.

These search clouds are an overview of the questions that people often type in search engines. Maybe you are thinking about how to answer the public is a useful tool for a blogger.

Well, there are so many reasons why it is valuable for you such as allow you to get to know about the audience, helps you do keyword research, optimize for long-tail keyword phrases and helps to answer the question that Google featured snippet.

This is the best tool to find exact match long-tail keyword ideas that people often search in Google and Bing.

You will also get to know about LSI keywords and content ideas.


21. Buzzsumo

BuzzSumo Content Marketing Research

Do you want to find a topic that has the potential to get viral?

Buzzsumo will help you to get trending and viral topics from social media platforms.

It gives you a list of top shared posts including the social profile of people who have shared the post. This way you can write a better post and ask them to share.

Use buzzsumo to generate content ideas, create quality content, monitor your performance, and define the influencers.



Every blogging tool has its own features, some of the blogging tools for beginners are on this list free such as MailChimp, Canva, Google Analytics, Keyword Planner, Search Console, Pagespeed Insights, and Google Trends, and WordPress.

You can use them whenever you want without paying anything.
I have tried to add as many as free tools to this list so this post would be also beneficial for beginner bloggers.I hope this post was helpful to you to find the best blogging tools for beginners. Tell me which tools do you like to use for blogging.

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