5 Best WordPress Hosting Providers in 2019


Webhosting is the first thing requires before starting a WordPress self-hosted site.

There are lots of hosting provider companies over online they provide hosting for WordPress powered sites.
If you are planning to start a self-hosted blog then you need to take better hosting for your website.
It help your site to load faster when someone accesses the site and also allows your site to rank well in Google search.
In this article, I am going to talk about the Top 5 Hosting providers for WordPress powered sites.

You can pick any out of them to start your WordPress site.



What is Web Hosting?

Webhosting is a service that is provided by the hosting companies. They provide Hosting space on their server for the website.
This connects with high-speed internet, so other people can easily access your website from anywhere in the world.
Webhosting provider stores your site data to the server and charges money for hosting services.
You need to buy any hosting provider to start your self hosted a blog on the WordPress platform.

How to choose a better WordPress Hosting Provider?

There are so many things you should keep in your mind while at the time of talking webhosting for your website.
Some are given below.
1. Easy Interface:you should go with the simple interface hosting provider. Which has a Simple control panel that allows you to install WordPress easily and you can manage your hosting service without facing any problem.
2.Fast Loading Server:You should look for a hosting provider that gives a fast Loading server that allows your site to load faster when someone accesses your site.
Always choose a hosting who has a good uptime option.
3. Free SSL Certificate:An SSL certificate is quite important these days for a website. It’s taken your site to the secure network and also secures your website visitors.
Google is looking for secure sites to rank higher in the search engine then an insecure one.
You need to choose a Webhosting provider who gives your free SSL certificate with Hosting plan.
That’s mean you don’t need to pay extra for an SSL Certificate. 
4. Free and Easy to Migrate:You should go with the hosting company. Who provides free and easy migration process, In case, if you have not certified with their hosting service or want to try better-hosting providers in the market.
Then you will don’t need to pay any extra cost for this service.
5. 24/7 Support: Always take a Hosting provide that allow your 24/7 customer support via chat as well on call because in case if you have a problem related to Hosting, so you can take them help from them at any time.

Top 5 Hosting Companies for WordPress Powered Site

1: Bluehost

bluehost hosting


It is the most popular webhosting provider and recommended by WordPress for hosting.
It is powering over 2 million websites worldwide and most of the WordPress sites hosted on Bluehost.
If you are looking for budget hosting then Bluehost is the right choice for you.
I recommend Bluehost because it’s the best hosting provider for the WordPress powered sites.
They have decent 24/7 customer support and their servers are really faster than comparing to other budget web hosting providers.
It is specifically designed for the host WordPress websites.
if you want to start a blog with Bluehost then read this article How to start a WordPress site with Bluehost hosting.
Fast Server: Bluehost has fast servers that help to load your site fast.
WordPress Made Easy:#1 recommend webhosting by WordPress Bluehost provides 1 click WordPress installation.
Free SSL Included: Every website hosted at Bluehost is given a free SSL certificate that protects your website visitors with just one click.
24/7 Support: Bluehost provide 24/7 customer support on call and chat.
if you get any problem with Bluehost. You can get the support at any time.
Money Back Guarantee: If you don’t like the Bluehost then can get a refund within 30 days of signing up.





2: SiteGround

siteground hosting


Siteground is also a better hosting platform for the blog. It’s founded in 2004 and after a couple of years turned into a leading web hosting service provider.
Now the company has more than 400 employees and is still counting.
They provide 24/7 call and chat support. It is the most affordable web hosting provider that small businesses can consider.
Siteground also work better with the WordPress powered site.




SSD Drive for all Plans: For more speed and data the protection they use solid-state drives on all web hosting plans.
Free SSL Certificate: They also gives free encrypt SSL certificate with each account.
Fast Setup:They take just 3 clicks to set up a new WordPress site for you.
24/7 Support: Siteground gives the 24/7 customer support on both phone and chat.
Free Migration: They provide free Migration in case if you are migrating your site to Siteground then you don’t have to pay any migration cost.


3: Hostgator

hostgator hosting


HostGator is the webhosting service provider since 2002 the company and based on taxes.
It has more than 5 million domains hosted by the HostGator and one of the famous hosting provider companies in the world.
They provide better hosting at a cheap price.
Hostgator host different types of webhosting like Cloud hosting, WordPress hosting, VPS hosting and dedicated hosting.


Step by step support:  They assist you in setup your first website.
Easy to Migrate: Hostgator migration team helps to switch your site to the HostGator from your current hosting.
24/7/365 Support: Hostgator support team available 24/7/365 to assist you via telephone, live chat and email for any hosting related issues.
Free SSL Certificate: They provide free SSL certificate.
45-Days Money Back Guarantee: Hostgator gives money back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with their services you can cancel within 45 days for a complete refund.





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4: A2 Hosting

a2 hosting

A2 Hosting offers fast hosting service from their high-performance swift server platform up to 20x faster turbo server.

They are comfortable with the WordPress powered site and specialize in fast WordPress hosting.
A2 Hosting founded in 2001 and it is an independent the company this means they are not the part of the big conglomerate of well know webhosting called Endurance International Group (EIG).
Some hosting providers such as Bluehost and Hostgator are owned by the EIG.
If you have started a new website with a few hundred unique visitors a month, then A2 Hosting solution is for you.


Unlimited Bandwidth: you can transfer as much data from somewhere to your new A2 Hosting.


Free Site Migration: They will help to move your site from another hosting provider for free.


One Click WordPress Install: You can easily install WordPress and get started from A2 Hosting.


Speed of Up 20x Faster: A2 Hosting turbo servers deliver 20x faster loading website.


Guarantee Uptime: A2 Hosting guarantees a 99.99% uptime.


Free SSL Certificate: They also gives the free SSL certificate.


24/7/365 Support: A2 Hosting provides 24/7/365 live chat, email and phone.





5: Dreamhost

dream host



Dreamhost is a Los Angeles based web hosting provider. It was founded in 1996 they provide powerful hosting service for the different platform and this is also recommended by WordPress.
But DreamHost might be a little expensive for the people who just going to start their website.


Fast Loading Speed: Dreamhost boost page load time of WordPress powered site.


Security: Protect your site from disasters before they strike on.


Free SSL Security: They include 1 click encrypt SSL a certificate to the data passed between you and site visitors is always safe.


Fast SSD Storage: All your files are stored on high-performing solid-state drives that give you up to 20% better performance than other hard drives.


Support: You get help from the experts human of this industry related any hosting issues.




Our Recommendation

No doubt, all these 5 hosting providers are really good but when you want to start a self-hosted site on WordPress then you should go with Bluehost hosting. 

Bluehost also recommended by WordPress for hosting and currently Bluehost hosted more than 2 million websites.
bluehost hosting also right chooses for newbie because, its cheaper than some other hosting providers.
Click here to go Bluehost.

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