10 Best Web Hosting Affiliate Programs to Promote on Your Blog

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best web hosting affiliate programs

Are you want to earn money by promoting web hosting affiliate programs?

You can earn huge commissions by joining and promoting web hosting affiliate programs. No doubt, web hosting affiliate programs are the most favorite affiliate marketing program of professional bloggers.

Currently, web hosting is one of the biggest industries around the globe.

Here’s a list of the web hosting top paying affiliate programs out there. This guide will help you to choose the top paying affiliate programs.

You can join their affiliate program to make money by recommending to others.


Why Should You Join Web Hosting Affiliate Program?

If you blog in blogging and WordPress niche you should join web hosting affiliate programs that help you to earn money from your blog.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to monetize a blog.

You can earn good revenue by just writing single hosting review posts, display banners, and placing links inside blog posts. Most web hosting affiliates pay a higher commission rate of $60 to $100 per referral.


How do Web Hosting Affiliate Programs Work?

When a visitor comes to your blog and purchases web hosting through your referral link, you will get the commission.

But, remember that affiliate programs pay only when you generate a qualified sale.

Note That: Most web hosting affiliate programs come with the 30 days of money-back guarantee.


How to Promote Web Hosting Services on Your Blog?

There are so many ways you can promote web hosting on a blog. Here I have mentioned some of the best ways.

Write a Review Post: It’s one of the best ways to promote web hosting products on a blog. You only need to write a review about the hosting so people get educated.

People always come online to read product reviews before making a purchase.

Display Banner Ads: It’s the simplest way to promote a web hosting affiliate program. You only need to place banners ads on your blog and inside blog posts.

Whenever someone clicks on it and sign-up with the hosting you will get the commission.

Use Promo and Discount Code: Well, it’s the best way to sell web hosting products, most web hosting companies offer promo and discount codes to their affiliates that help to make more sales.

You can simply create your own promo code and place it inside the hosting review article. So whenever readers sign-up for hosting with your coupon code you will get the earned.


Here Are The 10 Best Web hosting Affiliate Programs To Join

Serial No Web Hosting Affiliate Basic Commission
1: Bluehost $65 Per Sale
2: DomainRacer Up to 70% of Sale
3: A2 Hosting $55 Per Sale
4: Hostgator $65 Per Sale
5: Kinsta $50 Per Sale
6: Dreamhost $50 Per Sale
7: Interserver $100 Per Sale
8: WPX Hosting $70 Per Sale
9: WPEngine $200 Per Sale
10: IPage $65 Per Sale

1. Bluehost Affiliatebluehost affiliate program

Bluehost is one of the best web hosting companies. If you want to earn money from promoting web hosting you can join the Bluehost affiliate program.

It’s is well known and most selling web hosting company. Bluehost gives its affiliates $65 as a commission for each unique sale.

If you are able to generate 5 to 6 sales in a month then you can earn a handsome income.


There are some benefits of promoting Bluehost web hosting on your blog:

1. It’s a well-known web hosting provider even much more popular than competitors like Siteground and Hostgator.

That’s why it’s easy to generate Bluehost sales.

If you compare Bluehost with Siteground and Hostgator on Google trends. You will see that Bluehost is much more popular than these web hosting companies.


2. Bluehost offers a free domain along with all that hosting plans. That means if someone looking for a free domain with hosting then he/she must sign-up with Bluehost.

Go to Bluehost Affiliate

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2. DomainRacer Affiliate

Domain Racer Affiliate
DomainRacer is one of the trusted and faster cheapest
web hosting India companies. It is a popular choice for most professional bloggers, which pay 70% of commission structures. 

They’re known for their affordability, reliability, and making DomainRacer hosting an easy sell and earn.
Who’s looking to promote the best hosting by also earning large commissions, you can join the DomainRacer affiliate program this is a great choice.

DomainRacer offers a total of 70% as commission for each sale. You can join their affiliate program for free.

Most of the professional bloggers first choose to promote their web hosting affiliate program.

Statistics of how much commission you can make with DomainRacer affiliate program:

  • 1-10 qualified sales, you earn 30% commission.
  • 10-20 qualified sales, you earn 40% commission.
  • 21-50 qualified sales, you earn 50% commission.
  • 51+ qualified customers, you earn 70% commission.

I recommended promoting DomainRacer web hosting, it’s the best web hosting for beginners to start a blog.

The conversion rate of DomainRacer is 10-14% i.e., much better than other affiliate programs. 

The more opportunity to earn a $200+ extra credit bonus based on referrals 

Go to DomainRacer Hosting Affiliate

3. A2 Hosting Affiliate

A2 Hosting Affiliate Program

This is one of the highest-paying web hosting affiliate programs. A2 Hosting is a green company that pays its affiliates a $55 commission on each sale.

The commission rate can go up to $125 for each sale. You can join their affiliate program for free.


A2 hosting provides different types of web hosting services like VPS hosting, Shared Hosting, Managed Hosting, and Cloud Hosting.

You will get the commission in your account on the 15th of every month.

There are bloggers like Kulwant Negi who promote A2 Hosting on their blog to earn money from the affiliate program.

A2 Hosting providers 90 days of cookies tracking which means if someone clicks on your affiliate link and purchase within 90 days of period. You will get paid.

Here how A2 Hosting calculate commission:

  • 1-10 Sales $55
  • 11-15 Sales $75
  • 16-20 Sales $100
  • 21+ Sales $125

Let’s assume if you make 10 sales in a month. You will earn $550 which is really good.

Go to A2 Hosting Affiliate

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4. Hostgator Affiliatehostgator affiliate

Hostgator is a web hosting company that offers every type of web hosting for WordPress.

They have also an affiliate program that you can sign-up to earn money by promoting Hostgator hosting on your blog.

It’s quite easy to sign-up with the Hostgator affiliate program. You will earn $65 for each unique web hosting sign-up through your referral link.

Commission rates will depend on the number of customers you refer per month.

Here’s the complete commission rate of Hostgator:

  • 1-5 Signup in month $65 each
  • 6-10 Signup in month $75 each
  • 11-20 Signup in month $100 each
  • 21+ Signup in month $125 each

Let’s do the math on how much money you can earn from the Hostgator affiliate program.

If you are able to send Hostgator 10 customers in a month. You will earn

$75×10= $750

Hostgator payout to qualified sales after 2 months which is a long time compared to Bluehost & Siteground affiliate.

You can also monitor your sales & campaign from an affiliate dashboard.

Go to Hostgator Affiliate

5. Kinsta Affiliatekinsta affiliate signup

Kinsta is a professional web hosting service provider for business websites.

You can become a Kinsta affiliate and earn up to $500 for every referral plus a 10% monthly recurring commission for a lifetime.

This is the best web hosting affiliate program that allows you to earn a recurring commission.

They provide 60 days of cookies tracking that means if someone clicks on your affiliate and buy within 60 days. You will also get the commission.

Kinsta payout timely in PayPal account each month.

Here’s the commission you can get in different plans:

  • $500 – Enterprise Plans
  • $150 – Business
  • $100 – Pro Plan
  • $50 – Starter Plan

This is the best web hosting affiliate to earn passive income for a lifetime.

Go to Kinsta Affiliate

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6. Dreamhost Affiliatedreamhost affiliate program

Dreamhost provides every type of web hosting services such as Shared Hosting, WordPress Managed Hosting, Cloud Hosting, VPS Hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and eCommerce Hosting.

But, mainly focus on WordPress hosting services. Dreamhost is officially recommended by WordPress.org for hosting.

You must join the Dreamhost affiliate program that gives you the opportunity to earn up to $200 for one sale.


Commission rates depend on which types of plan you refer:

  • $50 – Shared Starter
  • $100 – Shared Unlimited
  • $200 – Dedicated Server
  • $150 – DreamPress WordPress Hosting

Let’s assume if you refer 5 Dreampress WordPress hosting in a month. You will earn $750 which is a good amount to earn just from one affiliate program.

There’s no earning limit at Dreamhost you can earn as much as you can by generating leads for Dreamhost.

Your earnings are directly credited to your PayPal account after the trial period ends.

Go to Dreamhost Affiliate


7. Interserver Affiliate

Interserver hosting affilate program

Interserver is an affordable web hosting provider for WordPress users. They offer standard web hosting, VPS hosting, Dedicated Hosting, and many more.

The basic shared hosting plan at Interserve starts from $4.00/Mo. So it’s a very affordable web hosting service that you can promote to blog visitors.

Interserver gives $100 as a commission per referral. The best thing is you will get 90 days of cookies tracking and custom coupon code and custom landing page which help you to make more sales.

Your earnings will be transferred to your PayPal account.  You must sign up with an Interserver affiliate program to earn a high commission ($100) on each sale.

Popular hosting companies like Bluehost and Siteground pay less than $70 dollars on each referral.


Interserver provides promotional materials for their affiliates to promote web hosting services easily. You will get a variety of banners and custom banners for relevance. You will also get the assistant assigned to your account to get help.

Go to Interserver Affiliate

8. WPX Hosting Affiliate

WPX Hosting Affiliate

WPX Hosting is a professional web hosting service provider for WordPress.

Most professional bloggers and marketers hosted their site of WPX hosting for high-speed performance and better security. It has an affiliate program to boost WPX hosting sales.

There are some top reasons why you should recommend WPX hosting:

Up to $100 commission per referral.

Commission payout after 35 days of sign-up.

Affiliate hub dashboard.

Get access to your affiliate locations.

USA & UK hosting locations.

Free SSL certificate.

Some popular blogs like Authority Hacker, Matthew Woodward and Bloggers Passion have joined the affiliate program of WPX hosting.

This is one of the best fast and quality web hosting providers which one you can recommend to your audience.


Here’s the commission rate depends on referral.

First 25 referrals – $70 commision per referral

26-100 referral – $85 commission per referral

101+ referral – $100 commision per referral

Go to WPX Hosting Affiliate


9. WPEngine Affiliate

WP Engine Hosting Affiliate Program

WPEngine is the leading managed web hosting provider for WordPress. It’s one of the highest-paying affiliate programs that offer a minimum of $200 on each sale. You will get the commission on the 20th of every month.

You have to join the ShareASale affiliate marketplace to join the WPEngine affiliate program. If you have already signed up with it simply search WPEngine from the products/brands and join.


Here are a few reasons why you should join the WPEngine affiliate program:

High Commission: Wpengine affiliate program offers a minimum of $200 as a commission on each sale, very few web hosting affiliates pay higher commissions like WPEngine.

Low Reserve Rate: WPEngine advanced WordPress hosting provider. People who sign up for WPEgine hosting services are dedicated users. Therefore, the reserve rate is very low compared to other hosting affiliate programs.

Promotion Material: WPEngine affiliates get access to promotional materials like banners and customize landing pages to promote.

180 days cookies tracking: Most web hosting affiliates offer 30 to 90 days of cookie tracking.

However, it gives 180 days. That means if your blog visitor clicks on your WPEngine affiliate link and purchase hosting within 180 days. You will still get the commission.

No doubt, WPEngine is one of the best web hosting affiliate programs that you can promote. But, the only drawback is that it’s one of the most expensive web hosting providers a few people signup WPEngine.

So, you will need a very targeted audience to earn $200 as a commission on each sale.

Go to WPEngine Affiliate


10. Ipage Affiliate

iPage Web Hosting Affiliate

Ipage is one of the cheapest web hosting services for WordPress users. The shared hosting plan on ipage starts from $1.99/month.

They offer different types of web hosting services that suit everyone. Ipage hosting is part of Endurance International Group (EIG) the same group behind popular hostings like Bluehost and HostGator.


Ipage affiliate program pays up to $150 to their affiliates on each sale. The commission rate depends on which plan you refer to Ipage like $65 for shared hosting and $150 for VPS hosting.

You will get paid within 30 days from the date of sign-up. You can choose the payment method from Cheque, PayPal, and more.

The best thing is Ipage offers the cheapest web hosting plans that help you to generate more affiliate sales.

Go to Ipage Affiliate


Final Thoughts on Web Hosting Affiliate Programs

Well, these are the best hosting affiliate programs that you can join.

Now it totally depends on you how many web hosting affiliate programs you want to promote at your blog.

I suggest you join 1 or 2 affiliate programs in the beginning.

If you promote randomly web hosting affiliate to your audience that doesn’t convert in the sale. I personally recommend limited web hosting companies on this blog.

I hope this post was helpful to you. If you have any questions and suggestions let me know in the comments.

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