9 Top Usemotion Alternatives & Competitors with Similar Features

Last Updated on April 16, 2024 by Kundan Sharma

Best Usemotion Alternatives

Usemotion is one of the best apps for planning your day, scheduling meetings, and creating to-do lists.

But, Not suitable for everyone’s needs because it has high pricing compared to the features it offers.

For any reason, if you’re looking for a Usemotion alternative, then we have listed out some of the best productivity apps.

In this post, you’ll get to know about the top Usemotion alternatives that can be considerable over it.

These apps are compatible with planning your day, creating to-do lists, calendars, task management, and more.


1. Akiflow


On this list, the next alternative is Akiflow. It stops wasting your time by consolidating all productivity apps in one place.

You can directly import all tasks into its single dashboard.

Akiflow is trusted by 1000+ brands such as Unity, Zapier, Amazon, Toptal, and Postman.

It is a complete drag-and-drop tool to organize tasks on the slot for time blocking. So it makes it easy to prioritize your tasks, meet all your deadlines, and avoid distraction & procrastination.

It has a fully customizable notification feature to receive the notification you want.  Akiflow offers easy commands to schedule tasks, snooze, or delete them with one click.

Sharing a booking availability is much easier with the Akiflow.


Key Features

  • Time blocking
  • Integrates with your favorite task and calendar app
  • Customizable notification feature
  • Speed up navigation with a shortcut keyboard
  • Boost performance with the command bar
  • Quickly share your ability
  • Smart labeling



Akiflow has only one plan that costs users $24.99 per month. If you pay yearly then it would cost you $14.99 per month.

It also provides a 7-day free trial to test the app.

Try Akiflow 7 Day Trial


2. Morgen



Continue on this list, Morgen is one of the best alternatives to Usemotion.

It consolidates, syncs, and manages your calendar in one place, so no more need to juggle with calendars.

Morgen integrates with all calendar apps. Using Morgen you can create a to-do list in a few clicks.

It’s compatible with calendar tools like; Exchange, Office 364, Apple Calander, and more. Morgen app is available across all platforms, you can use it on Apple, Windows, Android, and Linux.

It has a powerful scheduling tool that lets users set and customize time slots and allows them to create multiple task lists and schedule them.


It has a deep learning curve due to its advanced scheduling and automation features. Its UI is smooth but will take some time to learn how to use it properly.


Key Features

  • Schedule your calendar
  • Integrates with to-do list, calendar, and webinar apps
  • Customizable booking pages
  • Visual meeting with one click
  • Multiple time slot scheduling
  • Support Windows, Apple, Ios, Android, and Linux



Morgen provides a forever-free plan that allows you to create 1 calendar account.

There are two paid plans Plus and Pro;

Plus Plan: the plan costs you 4 per month. It has everything in the free plan and additional; unlimited calendars, task management integrations, and an iOS or Android app.

Pro Plan: costs $9 per month and has everything in Plus and extra features like recurrent scheduling links, branded booking page, and more.

Start a 14-day free trial of any paid plan today!

Get Morgen 14 Day Free Trial



3. Sunsama


Sunsama is a popular task management and daily planner app out there. It lets you feel calm & focused during the whole day.

 It allows users to keep track of everything from planning days to setting realistic daily goals, time blocking, follow-ups, etc.

Currently, Sunsama is used by some leading brands like; Git Hub, Loom, Asana, Zapier, The New York Times, and more.

The best thing about this tool integrates with other productivity apps, which makes it easy to pull tasks and emails.

Managing time is much easier with Sunsama, which allows you to schedule your daily calendar. Once the teak is done, it will be automatically upgraded to other tools.

Well, you can also connect and manage all calendar apps in one place.

Some of its popular integrations are Todoist, Google Calander, Notion, Git Hub, Slack, Trello, Asana, and many more.

Key Features

  • Daily planner
  • Pull tasks from other productivity apps like Asana, and Trello
  • Set realistic daily goals
  • Timeboxing
  • Automatically update completed tasks in other apps
  • Connect with calendar apps



 It has a very straightforward plan for monthly and yearly subscribers When you get the monthly plan then it’ll cost you $20 per month and the Yearly plan $16 per month.

However, try Sunsma’s 30-day free trial today. No credit card is required.

Get Sunsama 30 Day Free Trial



4. Todoist



Todoist is another good alternative to Usemotion. It’s way more popular than Usemotion, and has over 30+ million apps downloaded across 160+ countries.

It has over 1+ million paid users which makes it the #1 best task and to-do list management app. Todoist is used by some popular brands like; Disney, Shopify, Amazon, Apple, etc.

It helps to centralize your work by connecting Todoist to email, calendar, and files.

Todoist comes with Kanban-style cards that let you see the big picture. You can set daily and weekly goals and track your productivity.

It can be connected with your favorite apps such as Zapier, IFTTT, Calendar, Outlook, and many more.

Todoist also provides a Chrome extension that helps to add websites as a task and allows one to complete tasks from the browser.


Key Features

  • Let you capture and organize tasks
  • Reminds deadlines
  • Prioritize tasks to focus on the most important task of the day
  • Kanban-style card view
  • Prebuilt templates to get started
  • Productivity visualization
  • Integrates with your favorite apps
  • Todoist chrome extension



Todoist offers a forever-free plan. It also offers 2 paid plans; Pro $4/mo and Business $6 per month.

You can activate a 14-day free trial of the Business plan.

Get Todoist 14 Day Free Trial



5. TickTick

Tick Tick

TickTick is a free alternative to Motion, using it you can organize daily tasks and personal goals.

It’s freely available for download on devices like Windows, Android, iOS, Apple, Mac, Linux, and Chrome extension.

You will be to set a reminder for the important tasks so never miss out on any deadline.

It has five different calendar views that allow you to view, check, manage, and schedule your tasks easily.

You can share lists with the team and assign work from the TickTick

There is also a TickTick premium available that unlocks all premium advanced features like more calendar views, third-party calendar subscriptions, customizable filters, and track progress.

TickTick Premium also unlocks 10+ premium themes and estimate POMO.


Key Features

  • Downlad TickTick app fro free
  • Manage to-do list and calendar
  • Flexible calendar view
  • Collaborate & assign work to team members
  • Available in 10+ platforms
  • Connect with third-party calendar apps
  • Built-in analytics tool
  • Premium white noises



TickTick is a premium app. You can use it for free on more than 10m platforms. The TickTick premium costs you $27.99 for a year.

It also offers a 14-day money-back guarantee.

Get TickTick For Free



6. Google Calendar

Google Calandar

Continuing on this list, Google Calendar is a wonderful app, a very easy-to-use platform with a clean UI.

After using a few minutes, you’ll get familiar with Google Calander features an able to create new events as well.

You will able to share events to let people know when you’re available with easy calendar publishing.

It supports integration from platforms like Outlook, Exchange, etc. There’s an option to migrate from your existing calendar app to Google Calendar with ICS or CVS files.

It reminds you 10 minutes before the event and can be customizable from the settings.

Google Calendar seamlessly integrates with other Google products like Drive, Gmail, Sites, Contacts, Meets, and more.


Key Features

  • Smart scheduling for meetings
  • Share special events with customer
  • Compatible with Google product
  • Access from mobile, tablet, and laptop
  • Migrate from Exchange, Outlook, and iCal
  • Free to use



Google Calendar is free for everyone.

Go to Google Calendar

7. Asana


Next Usemotion alternative of Asana. It’s an all-in-one app that can replace multiple productivity apps.

It has a workflow builder using it you can connect with the team, organize work, and streamline projects in one place.

Asana allows you to visualize your progress with a Kanban board view. It also offers to create your own team and project calendar to view tasks by due dates and filter them in task layout.

Integrates with Calander apps like Ical, Google Calendar, and Outlook.

It is also compatible with third-party apps to manage everything in one dashboard and connect with hundreds of apps such as Google Drive, Vimeo, Canva, Loom, Market.io, Dropbox, and Git Hub.


Key Features

  • Work and assign tasks
  • Automated workflow builder
  • More than 200+ integration options
  • Calendar functionality
  • Real-time work-in-progress insights
  • Streamline the process with automation
  • Desktop and mobile apps
  • Replace multiple productivity tools



Asana offers one free plan and three paid plans.

Basic: the plan is suitable for individuals, or someone who just getting started.

Premium: the plan costs $10.99 per month. The premium plan comes with features like workflow builder, custom field, task templates, advanced research, and unlimited free guests.

Business: the plan comes with $24.99 per month. It has everything in the premium plus portfolios, goals, approvals, time tracking, and advanced reporting.

Enterprise: this is the custom plan, need to contact the sales team to create a plan according to your requirements.

Get Asana For Free


8. nTask


nTask’s more than just a daily planner and task management app. Using it, you can also manage & complete your projects,

It’s an all-in-one tool for all of these.

nTask is trusted by brands like Google, McLaren, Walmart, Apple, and more.

Create a to-do list and tasks with less than 5 clicks, and also assign them to team members. Get notified when someone shares comments, images, and documents on the task board.

It’s very easy to manage and track a task’s progress with the Gantt view. The timesheet feature lets monitor the time spent on a specific task.

Connect and sync with a team with features like Team chat, task comments, and Bulk team invites.

Using Zapier you can integrate nTask with over 1000 apps.


Key Features

  • All-in-one to-do list, task, and project management tool
  • Realtime project updates
  • Kanban boards view
  • Attach documents & task comments
  • Track time spend
  • Sync meetings with the calendar
  • 100+ apps integrate with Zapier
  • Gantt charts
  • Online meetings management


It has only two paid plans; Premium ($3/mo) and Business ($8/mo).

There’s also an enterprise plan that has custom pricing. Sign up 7-day free trial of any paid plan today.

Try nTask 7-Day Trial


9. Trello


Last, but not the least, Trello is another alternative to Motion.

It’s an easy-to-use and powerful task and team management app. Trello helps you to keep tasks organized to get more productive over time.

It has robust templates for getting started. Trello allows you to see your project view from all angles with Kanban and Gantt charts.

Automate your workflow with Butler, a powerful no-code automation tool of Trello. It allows to the creation of rules, buttons, and commands to automate.

Butler will also suggest you automate repetitive actions.

Trello can be connected with your favorite apps to add up more functionality, with apps like Autopilot, Telegram, HelpScout, Flow Xo, Gantt for Trello, and more.

It has a forever-free plan for individuals to get started with task and project management.


Key Features

  • Task and to-do list management
  • Simple, flexible, and easy to use
  • Project management
  • Assign and track tasks and projects
  • Bird-eye view to see everything in one place
  • No Code Butler automation
  • Prebuld templates
  • Integrates with 3rd party apps



Trello offers 4 different plans; Free, Standard ($5/mo), Premium ($10/mo), and Enterprise ($17.50/mo).

Free: the plan is suitable for beginners.

Standard: suitable for a small team that needs to manage their workflow.

Premium: best for the team to track and visualize projects

Enterprise: It’s best suited for large teams with more control and security.

Get Trello Free Plan Today!


Final Thoughts

When you use productivity tools like Usemotion, Asana, Sunsama, Trello, and others, then easily schedule and manage your to-do list, tasks, and calendar.

Above, we have mentioned the 9 best Usemotion alternatives that can let you help in task management and scheduling your day. Also, able to collaborate and assign to-do lists and tasks to team members.

Most of these apps come with a free trial or forever free plan, so you can test these Motion alternatives at no risk.

Let me know in the comments below. Which Usemotion alternative are you going to pick.

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