7 Best Online Image Editing Tools for Bloggers in 2021

Last Updated on April 20, 2021 by Kundan Sharma

 Online Image Editing Tools

Images are the most important thing for blog posts and social media. They help to create engagement with the audience.
There is a lot of online image editing tools that help you make pictures in your web browser.
I know most of the guys hearing first time about online photo editing tool, but it is a good way to edit images easily.

You don’t need to install a big file of image edit application in your computer that takes a lot of storage.
Even, many people don’t like to install editing software. If you are in them then you can easily edit images directly in your browser using an online image editor.


Top 7 Online Photo Editing Tools that Mostly Used By Bloggers

1. Snappa

Snappa Image Editor

Snappa is a fully featured graphics editor tool that allows editing images online.
Using snappa you can create different types of graphic images like Facebook Post, Twitter Post, YouTube Thumbnail, Facebook Cover Page, Pinterest Pin, and Infographic, etc.
Snappa also provide thousands of readymade template design, you just only have to choose a design that you like to use.

Snappa has over more than 500,000+ free images, 200+ frames, and 70,000+ vectors and shapes so; you can use them whenever you want.
It’s allowed to add texts, graphics, and effects in seconds.

Snappa has also a feature to share your graphic to popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter from his dashboard.
The good thing about snappa is that anyone can use it for free but there have limitations with the free version of it.

• Provided drag and drop options that will help to edit images easily.
• You will get free photos, graphics, and fronts.
• It gives you thousands of pre-made templates.
• Allow resizing graphics into any size.
• You will able to upload your own picture and logo.
• Save and organize your design into a folder so later you can edit.
• Give permission to Import own custom fonts.

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2. Canva

Canva is a great and my favorite tool for image editing online.
I just love canvas for most of the reasons, I have created most of my blog posts images and social media pictures from canva.
It’s one of the best free tools in the market that allow you to edit images. You can easily add text and effect on your image.

If you are going to use canva then you will get lots of readymade design templates, so you can select any of them for your image editing that saves your time. The best thing I love about canva is that you can use it in a web browser. It works perfectly with the chrome browser. 

You can create a different type of graphics like Blog Post Image, Facebook Cover, YouTube  Thumbnail, Instagram Post, Book Covers, and Business Card.Canva also provides more than thousands of free images that you can use in your graphic editing.


I personally used a lot canva and I can say, I am really happy with his features.
If you want more features then you need to get his paid version that allows you to access more images and fronts style etc.
• You will get readymade design templates for free.
•  Get thousands of free images and dozens of front style.
• You can use elements like Chart, Icons, Free Photos, Grids, Frames, Shapes, Lines, Illustrations and etc.
• You will get Beautiful background designs.
• Allow to upload own images and edit them, you can use own logo and pictures.
• You can save your work and edit them later. They allow downloading edited image files in JPEG, PNG and PDF formats.

Go to Canva


3. Picmonkey

PicMonkey Online Image EditorPicmonkey one of the best tools online for photo edits and design. It’s a professional tool that mostly used by bloggers, marketers, and content creators.
I like to use picmonkey after canva both are the best online image editing tools with amazing features, like canva you can also use picmonkey in your web browser.

It’s allowed their users to create stunning and we’ll edited pictures. Picmonkey is a great tool to create post images and social media images.
The only drawback of this amazing tool is that it’s not free to use. You can try their trial version for some days.
But, later you have to pay 7.99/monthly to use it.

• It has dozens of photos of effects and filters.
 • You will get lots of design templates.
• Provide lots of fonts, frames, and textures.
• Picmonkey allows storing your graphic works and you can edit them later.
• Gets stunning background designs.
• It does allow you to upload your own font styles.

4. Pixler

Pixler Photo editor online

Pixler is an advanced online image editing tool that comes with some great features. It does allow you to edit images directly in a browser like other tools.
If you are looking for easy to use and powerful online image editing tool then Pixler is going to be the right choice for you.

They have different types of effects and filters that can you use to make more stunning graphics photos. You can easily start photo editing by uploading a picture from the computer and image link.
Then, you can use the review tab and toolbar of Pixler for editing.

It will be a little difficult for beginners to use Pixler for the first time, but if you have used photoshop then you will find that Pixler editing menu is similar like has Photoshop.

You can take the help of Pixler tutorials. Those you can get them easily on youtube.
The best thing about this tool is that you can use it for free.


• Pixler main features are Crop, Blur and Edit Image.
• They have provided lots of effects and filters.
• You use the image for your project directly from a computer or from an image link.
• Stunning interface with rich features.
• Pixler is available in more than 25 languages.

5. Aviary

aviary online photo editing toolAviary is a photo editing tool that comes with all the features which you want to create a stunning image for your site.
It’s a tool that mostly used by blogger and marketers to make an image for their blog post and social accounts.

Aviary provides features such as color adjustment, cropping, adjust contrast, and brightness.
And, the better thing about Aviary that they also allow sharing edited images directly to social networks.

• Aviary provides three enhancement options Hi-Def intelligently, Illuminate fixes poor lighting issues and Colour fix.
• They give you over more than 100+ image effects.
• They have also given dozen of frames and stickers.
• You can crop, resize and rotate an image.
• Gives adjustment options that allow adjusting Brightness, Contrast, Saturation, Warmth, and Sharpness.

6. Fotor

Fotor is a free online photo editor that will help you to create eye catchily images for your blog. So many professional bloggers used fotor for their image editing.
Fotor is a very handy and user-friendly image editing tool that works fine. You don’t need to be a photoshop expert for using fotor.

It’s very easy to use and you can easily adjust brightness, saturation, and contrast. Fotor also provides some features like crop, blur, rotate, text, remove red-eye, and more.
You will find image editing is quite easy with fotor even you don’t have experience in image editing.

• Fotor provides image editing suite, you can easily adjust color and add effects, etc.
• Portrait retouching feature will help to make the image beautiful.
• You can also create photos collage.
•  Provide hundreds of fonts and shapes.

7. ipiccy

ipiccyIpiccy is a completely free online photo editing tool that comes with simple features.
When you first look at the Ipiccy, you will find that it’s simpler than other tools in this list.
Ipiccy has a simple interface and easy to use.

You can easily upload an image from your computer or another folder.
As you know it’s a web-based editing tool that gives options like Resize, Crop, Autofix, Rotation, and Adjust Color.
You can also add a special effect to your image.

• Easy automatic photo fix.
• Dozens of photos effects and filters.
• Able to create collages, add text and overlays.
• Apply texture and paint.
• No download required.


Almost all online image editing tools have their own features and different from others.
But, some of the editing tools have the same features as each other.

If you ask me which tool I mostly use for image editing of my blog post then I will tell you Canva. I love to use canva and it’s really a great free tool for bloggers for image editing.

You can also go with Picmonkey and Snappa both are also good for creating graphics but you need to pay for them you can’t use them for free for a long time.

I hope this list of best online image editing tools helped you to choose the right tool for you if you have any questions and suggestions then let me know in the comment.

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