10 Best Indian Blogs to Read From Indian Bloggers

Last Updated on February 15, 2024 by Kundan Sharma

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Do you want to learn about blogging?

But, don’t know which are the best blogging blogs to read from India bloggers?

That’s why in this article, I will share with you the best blogging blogs in India.

Those help you to start a blog and make a profitable online business. If you looking for the best blogs to read then definitely check out this post.

Here Are Some Best Blogs by Indian Bloggers to Learn Blogging in 2023

1. Shout Me Loud

ShoutMeLoud Harsh Agrawal

Founder/Owner – Harsh Agarwal

Year Started – 2008

Monetization – Affiliate Marketing, Ads, Consulting and Sponsored Reviews


Shout Me Loud is one of the most famous blogs in India to learn blogging.

Harsh Agarwal runs this blog and inspiration for truly thousands more of people’s not only in India outside India too.

He is an award-winning blogger, won numerous awards for shout me loud, covers various topics on his blog like blogging, SEO, affiliate marketing, social media marketing and etc.

Shout Me Loud generates over 1.5 million page views every month. You must check out his blogging journey that will definitely inspire you to start your own blog.


2. Bloggers Passion

BloggersPassion Anil Agarwal

Founder/Owner – Anil Agarwal

Year Started 2010

Monetization: Affiliate Marketing and SEO Consulting.


Anil Agarwal is one of the finest bloggers in India.

Usually, write long-form in-depth articles on his blog

Bloggers Passion was founded in 2010 currently making over $10,000/monthly.

It covers all topics that related to blogging such as SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online, WordPress, Social Media Marketing, and more.

The blog generates over 1.3 million page views in a year.

Bloggers Passion has featured on some popular blogs like Forbes, SEMrush, Pro Blogger, Jeffbullas, Lifehack, and many more.

If you want to learn tested and actionable blogging tips then you must check out the Bloggers Passion.


3. Blogging Cage

BloggingCage Kulwant Nagi

Founder/Owner – Kulwant Nagi

Year Started – 2012

Monetization: Affiliate Marketing


Blogging Cage was started in 2012 by Kulwant Nagi. He is one of the top bloggers from you can learn blogging and SEO.

Now he is focusing on building a personal brand and has spoken at various events like Blogx, Indian Affiliate Summit, Success Conference in Vietnam, and more.

Blogging Cage is the best place to learn quick blogging and SEO tips. So far he made over $500,000+ from blogging and recently started a digital marketing agency.

On this blog, he covers topics like Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Online, Email Marketing and etc.


4. Digital GYD

DigitalGYD Homepage

Founder/Owner – Swadhin Agarwal

Year Started – 2013

Monetization: Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Consulting


Digital GYD is a blog started in 2013 by Swadhin Agarwal.

It’s an award-winning marketing blog that helps people to start a blog and online business. Digital GYD has seen on Neil Patel, Kinsta, The Huffington Post and etc.

Swadhin Agarwal covers topics like SEO, Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, and more. he always active on social media to help newbie bloggers.

You should check out Digital GYD one of the best places to get proven blogging advice that helps you to start and grow a blog.


5. Master Blogging

MasterBlogging Blog

Founder/Owner – Ankit Singla

Year Started – 2018

Monetization: Affiliate Marketing, Selling Courses and Ebooks

It has been 9 years since he started his first blog (BloggingTipsTricks) Formally changed to Master Blogging in 2018.

He is a full-time blogger and entrepreneur who teaches people how to build a successful blog that generates full-time income.

Master Blogging is a six-figure earning blog that covers topics like Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, and many more.

Check out, Master Blogging, you would definitely love his blogging ideas and tutorials.


6. BloggingX

BloggingX Blog

Founder/Owner – Akshay Hallur

Year Started – 2014 (Formerly GoBloggingTips)

Monetization: Affiliate Marketing, Selling Courses


Akshay is a professional blogger, digital marketer, and trainer. He dropped out of college to pursue his blogging passion.

On BloggingX he writes high-quality content on various topics such as Blogging, SEO, Affiliate Marketing and etc.


He has started his own digital marketing agency InfoSparkle to help businesses grow their presence online.

As a blogger and digital marketer trained hundreds of brands and have seen on Satanic, Astra, Template Monster, and more.

If you want to learn actionable blogging tips to boost you’re earnings then definitely checkout BloggingX.

If you want to read more about Akshay read his blogging journey.


7. Hellbound Bloggers

Hellbound Bloggers

Founder/Owner – Pradeep Kumar

Year Started – 2009

Monetization: Affiliate Marketing, Sponsored Reviews


Hellbound Bloggers was started in 2009. When Pradeep was just a 17 year old.

It’s one of the best Indian blogs. Where peoples get content related to topics like Blogging, WordPress, Social Media Marketing and Technology

HBB has a form where people discuss blogging and internet things to help each other.


8. 99Signals

99Signals best blog to learn blogging

Founder/Owner – Sandeep Mallya

Year Started – 2016

Monetization: Affiliate Marketing, Podcast, Ads


Sandeep is an entrepreneur and digital marketing consultant from Bangalore. He started 99signals in 2016 as a side work to share case studies and tools of his digital marketing agency work. 99signals has been featured in Entrepreneur, SEMrush, AppSumo, MailChimp, SEOSherpa, and many more.

Currently, 99signals making over $5000 every month. On this blog, he helps marketers and bloggers to run a successful online business.

Checkout, 99signals to learn about blogging and digital marketing stuff.


9. Bloggers Ideas

Bloggers Ideas

Founder/Owner – Jitender Vaswani

Year Started – 2012

Monetization: Ads, Affiliate Marketing, Consulting.


Jitender Vaswani started bloggers Ideas in 2012. He is a digital marketer, SEO consultant, and professional blogger from India, has featured in MeetUp, Indiblogger, The Huffington Post, BloggingTips.com, Entrepreneur, Digital Vidya,  Reddit.com, and more.

On bloggersideas he writes about various topics like SEO, Blogging, Social Media, WordPress, Make Money Online, Affiliate Marketing, Hosting and etc.

He also started his own digital marketing agency digiexe.com to help businesses grow online.

If you want to learn about Blogging, SEO, and Digital Marketing tips then you should definitely follow Bloggers Ideas.


10. Blogging Spark

Blogging Spark - Learn Blogging and SEO Tips

Founder/Owner – Kundan Sharma

Year Started – 2018

Monetization: Affiliate Marketing, Review, Consulting


I’m Kundan Sharma a part-time blogger and a college-going boy, Started Blogging Spark in 2018.

I started my first blog on the blogger platform as a side hustle. Once the blog starts getting traffic I switched that blog to WordPress self-hosted platform for better resources.

On this blog, I published content related to Blogging, Affiliate Marketing, SEO, WordPress, Make Money Online, and more.

Through Blogging Spark, I’m helping people to start their own blog and make money from it. If you need any help to start a blogging career then feel free to ask me through the contact page.



Above, I have listed some of the top blogs from which you can learn blogging in India 2023. I know I have listed only a few blogs. There are a lot more.

But, I have mentioned only those in this list whom I follow and think provide more value to you.

Let me know about your favorite Indian blog, soon I will update this post with more numbers of blogs.

I hope this post helped you to find good blogs to learn blogging from Indian bloggers.

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