10 Best AI Writing Tools and Software for Copywriting

Last Updated on December 23, 2023 by Kundan Sharma

best AI writing tools and software

No doubt, Artificial Intelligence is going to be a big thing in the future.

There are lots of tools and products coming these days with AI support to make people’s life more comfortable. So, how text creation industry stays back. Now you can use an AI writing tool to write and make writing easier.

In this article, we have shared with you the 10 best AI writing tools & software that helps you in copywriting.


What is AI Writing and Who does it Work?

AI writing is a software and tool that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to write automatically on commands.

You only need to describe the topic and ai will start writing automatically. It is capable to create marketing copy, product description, landing page, blog post, story, ad copy, and more.

AI writing tools have a large database that helps to write and predict the next word to make original content.

AI Writing tool is a writer’s block solution. Now you no need to start writing from scratch when you have AI writing software.

Here are the 10 Best AI Writing Tools and Software


1. Jasper

Jasper home

Jasper is owned by conversion.ai. It is an ai writing software and tool for content creators.

It is trusted by over 30,000+ content marketers, and companies such as Airbnb, Google, Logitech, IBM, and more.

Using Jasper artificial intelligence, you can make content for your blog, website, social media, and more. Jarvis has the BoosMode option to create long content such as blog posts, books, video scripts, stories and etc.

You can command Jasper to write up to 2000 characters with a single click, it can generate original plagiarism-free content for you.



  • BoosMode to command Jasper to write long-form content.
  • More than 50+ templates to choose from.
  • Create original content that can rank in Google.
  • AI writes up to 200 characters with a single command.
  • Jasper support over 25+ languages. You can write in one language and get output in another one.



Jasper (formally Jarvis) offers two pricing plans Starter and Boss Mode.

Starter: This plan is suitable for short writing like social media, headline, and product description, starting from $29/month for a 20,000 words limit per month.

Boss Mode: This plan is best suited for the content creators who create long-form articles content like blog posts, emails, and stories.

Boss Plan starts at $59/mo and gets you 50,000 words limit per month. In both plans, you can increase the words limit. But, they will charge more for it. You also get a 5-day money-back guarantee.


2. Unbounce Smart Copy

Unbounce Smart Copy

Ubounce is no longer just a landing page builder anymore, it introduced a new Ai Smart Copy tool which is an AI writing tool to create and expand the content.

Unbounce Smart Copy is the best tool for Copywriters to create ai powered marketing copy, which is ideal for use on landing pages for higher conversions.

It has over 30 templates to choose from, so no need to start from a blank page.

You will have the AI templates for landing pages, websites, digital ads, emails, eCommerce, and branding.



  • Over 30 AI templates to choose from.
  • Expand and remix writing.
  • Allow writing long-form blog post articles.
  • 6 different language support.
  • Suitable for copywriting.
  • Offer Google ads generator, tagline generator, landing page copy generator and etc.
  • Free Smart Copy Google chrome extension.



Unbounce Smart Copy has plans to pick from:

Starter: It’s a free plan that included up to 5 generators daily, 1 profile. No credit card is required to avail of this plan.

Growth: plan costs you $25/month if you paid annually (49% OFF), included unlimited copy creation, unlimited generations, unlimited profiles, and access to writer (Beta).


3. ShortlyAI


ShortlyAI is a tool that lets you write articles, novels, and stories. It was launched in back 2020 at the click of a button, AI can continue writing for you.

It has powerful commands to refine your writing, use commands like rewrite, shorten, and expand to make a perfect sentence.



  • Commands like “rewrite”, “shorten”, and “expand”.
  • AI powered “write me for” button.
  • Clean AI design.
  • No credit system, you can write as much as you can.
  • Support English language.



ShortlyAI has a free trial for new customers. After that, it has 2 plans to choose from;

  • Annual Plan: It costs you $64/month, gets you 2 months plan for free.
  • Monthly Plan: It costs you $79/month, cancel at anytime.



4. INKEditor


INKEditor is a distraction-free AI writing tool that is suitable for founders, experts, and copywriters.

It is trusted by over 200,000+ marketers that make it one of the gems of AI writing tools.

INKEditor AI-powered assistant can write, expand, simplify and rewrite for you, its interface is very clean and look like a simple word editor.

It comes with an SEO assistant, which helps to create content that has the capability to rank higher on search engines.



  • Distraction-free simple free interface.
  • SEO optimization feature
  • Helps to write, expand, simplify and rewind content.
  • Grammar and spelling suggestions.
  • Content readability score.



INKEditor has three plans.

INK Free: costs $0/mo and includes 50 points on signup, 10 articles a month, 25 SEO, and Content scoring per month.

INK Pro: $29/mo if you paid annually includes 1000 points, up to 50,000 AI-generated words, unlimited articles, AI content, and more.

INK Pro Unlimited: $82 per month when paid annually, includes unlimited points, articles, AI content scoring and support team management.


5. Wordtune


Wordtune is an AI writing tool that you can try on their website. It was built by AI21 Labs, founded in 2018 by AI Luminaries.

Using Wordtune, you can work to make your content more compelling, and engaging.

Its advanced AI tool has multiple options to get words right; such as Rewrite, Formal, Shorten and Expand.

Worktuneworks with your favorite websites and tools like Google docs, Gmail, Facebook, Twitter, Slack, and more.



  • Support casual and formal tones.
  • Shorten & expand the sentence.
  • Compatible with Gmail, Google Docs, LinkedIn, Twitter, and more.
  • Easy to use interface.



Wordtune has three plans; Free, Premium, and Premium for Teams.

Free Plan: in this plan, you can have only 20 rewrites per day, which cost you nothing.

Premium Plan: Starts at $9.99 per month, get you unlimited rewrite, casual & formal tons, shorten & expand, and premium support.

Premium for Teams Plan: This is the custom plan, you need to contact the Wordtune sales team to get a suitable plan for your and has everything in the premium plan plus team billing.


6. Copy.AI


Copy.AI is an artificial intelligence tool with the help of it you can create a marketing copy.

It has been used by 250,000+ marketers and businesses globally, including some famous well-known brands like eBay, Nestle, and Zoho.

Copy.AI is very easy to use, you just need to select a copy template that could be anything for you like headline, blog post, product description, etc.

Then, you need to describe the product and you get the result within 10 minutes.



  • Support more than 25 languages
  • Ecommerce copy; product description and blog content like blog title, blog intro, outlines and etc
  • 70+ tools to explore



Copy.AI has paid plans; Solo and Multiple Seats.

Solo Plan: this is the best suited for individual, and small businesses, the cost is $35 per month if billed annually.

Get access to unlimited runs, 25+ language support, access to all of the tools, and 24/7 support.

Multiple Seats Plan: this plan is perfect for the large enterprise, and has custom pricing.

Although, you can try Copy.AI 7 days for free, no credit card is required.


7. Sapling


Sapling is an AI messaging assistant that is specially designed for sales support and engagement. So, it is quite different from the other tools that are mentioned in this list.

It reduces the response and handle time by Sapling snippet macros which automatically quickly insertion of common responses.

Sapling integrates with popular messaging and CRM platforms like Salesforce, Zendesk, Intercom, and Gmail.

So, it doesn’t matter what communication platform your team uses, compatible with almost every CRM and Email platform.



  • Improve grammar and language quality
  • AI messaging assistant to buy sales and support
  • Reduce response and handling time with Autocomplete Everywhere
  • Integrates with popular messaging and CRM platforms
  • Chrome extension support
  • Email and ticket support



Free Plan: it comes with 20 snippets and basic suggestions.

Pro Plan: $25 per month and includes unlimited snippets, advanced premium suggestions, autocomplete everywhere, and more.


8. AI Writer

AI Writer

Generate more accurate quality content for your blog post. AI Work lets you generate articles from just a headline.

You only have to enter topic headlines or keywords and then its automated AI system will get information regarding your topic from the web and create a plagiarism-free article for you.

AI Writer is suitable for content creators and bloggers who have no time to spend on research for blog post article creation.



  • Article rewriting and rewording.
  • AI automatically write and generate unique article just from the headline.
  • SEO focused text editor.
  • Fast content creation with the help of AI.



The Ai Writer has three plans.

Basic Plan: $29 per month that is suitable for bloggers, startups, and marketers. It offers q user, AI text generator, SEO editor, and API access.

Standard Plan: $59 per month which is suitable for freelancers and small businesses. It has everything in the Basic plan plus up to 150 articles per month.

Custom Plan: It has custom pricing, suitable for the enterprise and agencies. The Custom plan gives you unlimited users access and articles per month.

However, AI Writer offers a free trial, so you can test this tool before investing in one of its paid plans.

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9. Writesonic


Writesonic is a writer’s block solution, an AI-powered tool for creating better marketing copy.

It lets you generate high-quality content for blogs, ads, product descriptions, landing pages, and more in a couple of seconds.

Writersonic supports 25 languages and comes with a free trial plan, no credit card is required to test its free plan.



  • Marketing copy for Facebook ads, landing pages, product description, and press release
  • Marketing copy generation
  • AI article and description generator
  • 25 languages support



Free Plan: includes 10 credits and 1 user seat.

Basic Plan: $15 per month that includes 75 credits.

Professional Plan: $45 per month, comes with unlimited credits, 50 generations per day, and up to 100 words per generation.

Startup Plan: $95 per month and best suited for startups and small businesses.

Agency Plan: $195 per month, includes white labeling, priority support, and up to 200 words per generation.


10. Outranking


Researching is the most time-consuming part of content creation like blog post. But, with the help of Outranking you can automate it.

It’s a dream come true feature for many content creators. Outranking auto-creates title, meta description and generates outline ideas using keyword and SERP data.

Ouranking has an SEO optimization option that optimizes content for SEO and includes related keywords and phrases which helps to rank articles higher in search engine results.



  • Research, write and optimize content
  • Auto create meta description with SEO optimization
  • AI writes using GPT-3 method
  • Integration with Google docs and WordPress plugins
  • Gather intel from the pages of SERP



Outranking offers three plans; Starter, Growth, and Professional.

Starter: $39 per month which includes 10 web documents, unlimited AI writing, +10 SERP analysis, and more.

Growth: $79 per month and everything in the Starter, plus 30 web documents and +30 SERP analyses.

Professional: $159 per month and includes 100 web documents and +100 SERP analysis and more.


Final Thoughts

Ai Writing assistant tools are the best way to generate original plagiarism-free content for blogs, websites, landing pages, product descriptions, ad copy, and more.

Most AI writing software has the capability to create do smart copywriting. We have listed some of the best AI writing tools and software in this article.

Some of our recommendations are;

I hope this article helped you find a suitable AI writing tool for you. Let me know which AI writer tool you going to use in the comments below.

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