5 Best Affiliate Programs for Fashion / Lifestyle Blogs in 2019

Best affiliate programs for fashion/lifestyle blogs
Do you open a fashion Lifestyle blog or have recently started one looking for some good affiliate programs to monetize your blog.
So I have created this article and have added some top programs which are mostly used in the industry.
You can join them and able to find some good fashion Lifestyle products which you can promote through your blog to make money blogging.

Note that, there are a lot of ways to earn money from a blog such as AdSense, Sponsorship, Courses, and many more.

Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money from a blog. Where blog readers buy products and services through your affiliate link.

So, only promote genuine products on a blog which you think useful for your readers and good your credibility.
If you don’t know much about affiliate marketing then read this below given article.

Top 5 Affiliate Marketing Programs for Fashion Bloggers

1: ShareASale

ShareASale was started in 2000 it is a popular service market place where you can join affiliate program of different brands.
This is the best place for affiliate marketers to find new affiliate products.
They provide various type of products including fashion and lifestyle.
If you want to make more money from your fashion blog then I highly recommend you should try ShareASale affiliate program.
They have a huge brand affiliate partners more than 3500 brands like Zara, Adidas, Nike and many more.
It is very easy to join ShareASale you only need to add some personal and your website details at the time of sign up.
You can also follow this post on how to join ShareASale affiliate program.
 Join ShareASale

2: Amazon Associates

Amazon is the world’s biggest E-commerce website and sale over thousands of fashion and Lifestyle products.
As a Blogger, you can join Amazon affiliate program and promote their products on your blog.

It is very useful to promote Amazon products online because it is a trusted company and people know about it.
There are lots of bloggers and marketers in lifestyle and fashion niche making thousands of dollars every month from Amazon associates.

You will able to get between 4% to 10% Commission on Every sale you made the commission rate depends on the products.
Amazon also provides promotional materials like product image and text link which help you to make more sales through your blog.

Note that,
When you first sign up with Amazon affiliate program for the next 3 month they will monitor your account and check how much sales you could drive within the 3 months.
These given periods you must have to make at least some sales, otherwise, your account will be suspended and you will no longer Amazon affiliate partner.
But as I mentioned, it is very easy to make affiliate sales on Amazon because people like to buy products from Amazon.
You only need to refer for some genuine buyers to the Amazon.
 Join Amazon Associates

3: FlexOffers


When it comes to the lifestyle fashion products FlexOffers partnership with some good brands.
You will get new and unique products at FlexOffers.
They also provide new features and design which makes things easier for the publisher.
When you first land to the FlexOffers dashboard you will able to see your campaign and performance.
You can also see the reports and stats of your affiliate campaign.
The best thing with FlexOffers affiliate is you will get the personal support.
If your blog getting Global traffic then you should join an affiliate program like FlexOffers.
There are so many possibilities with FlexOffers and they also give the high commission on each sale compared to Amazon associate.
 Join FlexOffers

4: Click Bank

Clickbank is one of the oldest affiliate programs which have been working form last 17 years.
That’s why this is one of the trusted affiliate programs.
With ClickBank, you will be able to get Commission up to 75% which is really high even higher than some other affiliate programs.
You can choose the products that you think are good for your blog users.
Clickbank provides advanced analytics so you will have access to detailed data about impression clicks and sales.

 Join ClickBank

5: CJ (Commission Junction)

Last but not the least, CJ is another a good affiliate marketing program for Lifestyle fashion blog.
Commission junction has a wide range of top recognizable brands easy to find reliable products that have trustworthy too.
You will have the choice to promote some cool fashion brands product which increases your earnings.
CJ get you some useful tools insights and Analytics, Ad and Content monetization suite, cookie tracking and many more.
Which help your blog to earn more.
 Join CJ

I have listed 5 best affiliate programs which help me to make more money from my blog.
I have personally using ShareASale, Amazon Associates, FlexOffers and CJ to monetize my blog traffic.
You can join them depends on what affiliate programs actually you want to use on your blog.
Keep in mind that promote only valuable products that you think useful for your blog readers.
I recommend you to join at least ShareASale and Amazon Associates both are the best affiliate in the fashion/ lifestyle niche.
Join ShareASale Affiliate

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