8 Best High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs for Beginners

Best High Paying Affiliate Marketing Programs to Join
Every blogger wants to make money from their blog. Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to earn money from blogging. It is also the main source of income for some bloggers. Earnings from advertisements are lower than affiliate products. So blogger always tries to promote affiliate products through own blog.

Most of the bloggers looking for best affiliate programs to join. Today I am going to share with you the best affiliate marketing programs that best suit for beginners where you can join and make more money from blogging.


Affiliate marketing is not so easy to earn money from it. Blogger has to take peasant while doing affiliate marketing.
You can make $1,000 thousands of dollars and sometimes $0 but if you work hard in a good way you will earn decent money from affiliate marketing.
Basically, most popular affiliate program websites offer three types of payments.
It’s the most popular payment method offer by most of the affiliate programs. In this method, the affiliate marketer will earn a commission when his reader buys something from the merchant website. All affiliate programs have own commission rates.
Pay-Per-Click is also an affiliate program payment method. It is work on the agreement, the affiliate marketer gets fixed rates depends on a number of clicks. When your blog reader clicks on the affiliate link and redirects on the merchant website. You will get paid. There doesn’t need to buy your referral any product.
This method works on. how many visitors send to the merchant website and then sign up as a lead. If your blog visitors fill up the merchant site information form, you will get paid.
Most of the affiliate networks have made a payment above three methods. You can easily sing up with affiliate networks and start making money from your blog or website, I‘m going to shows you 8 best affiliate programs online, where you can join and start earning from affiliate marketing.

 Best Affiliate Programs for Beginner’s Blogger’s

 1. Amazon Associates

Amazon Associates is one of the world’s biggest e-commerce website. They sell everything clothes, television, mobiles, and home appliance, etc. You can sign up with Amazon associate program and promote products at your blog. Amazon is a trusted brand and people love to shop from Amazon, so chances of a sale increase.
Amazon gives commission rates between $1- $10 according to the product categories.  Most of the bloggers have earned $1000 thousands of dollars monthly from Amazon.
Signup with the Amazon affiliate program is free. Click Here
amazon associates affiliate program



2. ClickBank

ClickBank is the oldest affiliate program. It is very easy to use and also most popular in affiliate marketing. The ClickBank affiliate program is very easy to use and promote products. A commission rate of ClickBank is so high. You can make more money from ClickBank than other affiliate programs. Most of the bloggers use ClickBank because of its pay high commission and easy to use.
You can choose products physically here and promote them on your blog or website. Make sure you should only promote genuine products that you think useful for your audience. 
click bank affiliate program



3. Commission Junction (CJ)

CJ is also one of the oldest and best affiliate programs. That why it is the world’s most popular affiliate program in the world.
Because it’s one of the oldest and popular affiliate programs, They have serious best advertisers and big brands.
You just need to join CJ affiliate program and choice the products according to your blog post.
cj affiliate



4. Viglink

Viglink is a very good affiliate program. They monetize your blog and scan all the blogs. Viglink Promote products related to the blog niche.
When your blog readers click on the links and buy something you will get the commission. You don’t have to put affiliate links manually on your site. Viglink automatically detects outgoing links and monetize them, when some purchase from your outbound link you will get paid. 
They have more than 50,000 merchants. You can select out of it.
viglink affiliate



5. eBay Partner Networks

eBay is another best affiliate program. It is much like an amazon associate. It is a big brand like amazon. eBay is an auction-based market place. You will get a commission on the final sale.
Earning from the eBay is very good. You can earn around 25 to 35 bucks commission for every person how to register from your site. You will earn a handsome commission from eBay. You have to sing up eBay as an affiliate marketer and promote products through your website.
ebay affiliate peogram



6. Flex Offers

Flex offers is an affiliate marketing program that pays faster than other affiliate networks. It has 10 years of experience that’s why Flex offer is the world’s top 10 network list.
Flex offers provide the best tools and services that will help you to promote affiliate products of your blog or website.
Flex offers provide thousands of affiliate programs. You can find the best affiliate product for you.
Getting approval from flex offers is very easy. It has a very simple process to get approval and they make payout faster than some other affiliate network.
flexoffer afiiliate


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7. ShareASale

ShareASale is an affiliate marketing program that pays you for promoting its products. You can simply register with them as an affiliate marketer because it is a two-way affiliate network one in which merchants register and another one is as an affiliate marketer like bloggers.
ShareASale has very user-friendly and easy to use. You can sign up with any product you want because ShareASale has a wild range of products to promote. You can pick products according to your blog niche. It’s one of my favorite best affiliate marketing programs that I used and recommend for beginners. most of my blog posts have monetized with ShareASale products. 
share a sale affiliate peogram

 8. Rakuten Linkshare

Rakuten known as a Linkshare is one of the oldest affiliate program network this gain popularity very fast. It is a well made user-friendly platform that come with some good features. It has rotating different banner ads for specific products that make it easier for affiliate marketers.  Sign up process with Linkshare is a very simple process.
rakute marketing


 All affiliate programs are good in own ways. You can sign up with any affiliate website out of them that suits your requirements and start promoting affiliate products at your blog. They all have their own different commission rates on products. you should check all of these affiliate networks.

I hope this list of 8 best affiliate marketing programs for beginners helped you to best affiliate platform


8 best affiliate peograms


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