Top 12 Must Have Android Apps for Bloggers

Must have Android apps for bloggers

Nowadays uses of the smartphone have increased, peoples like to use small and compact devices. that’s why these days most peoples have android phones.

due to uses of android phone companies also have launched their application for them.
there are lots of famous and useful blogging apps are available on google play.
bloggers can use these apps to manage their blog from anywhere.
these apps are really helpful when traveling and don’t have a laptop with you.
that’s why in this article I am going to share with you top android apps which are useful for bloggers.
you can install them in your android phone that will make things easier.

List of Top 12 Android Apps for Bloggers in 2019


1: WordPress

wordPress android app

WordPress is one of the most famous blogging platforms. It’s a self-hosted platform, where most of the blogs have hosted.

WordPress app is available for Android and ios devices.
It allows you to write and edit your post directly on your phone without a computer.
You can also upload your post from the WordPress app.
It’s very useful while traveling and when don’t have a laptop with you. 

You will also able to view stats and comments in this app.

Install from Google Play WordPress App


2: Google Adsense

Google Adsense app
If you have monetized your blog with google ads then Google Adsense is one of the most useful apps for you.
With the help of this app, you can easily view your google adsense earnings directly in your phone.
It gives you estimated earnings, page views, clicks, CPC and CTR.
You will get all the features in Google Adsense application that you get in their website.


3: Canva

If you want to create free images for your blog post, Instagram Post, Cover, Infographic, Pinterest Pins, and many more things then canva mobile app can help in this.
It’s a free image editing app available for Android devices.
It’s very useful when you need to create images for social posts, quick editing and don’t want to use a computer.
I personally edit my social account images directly in the canva app.
Install from Google Play Canva


4: Social Pilot

socialpilot android app
You must have to be active on social media platforms to create engagement and attract more peoples to your site.
Whenever you publish a new post on your blog, you also need to share your post on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and many more.
But, it’s a time-consuming process.
Social pilot app can share your post on social media accounts at the same time you publish content.
You can schedule your social post with this app that saves your valuable time.
Install from Google Play Social Pilot


5: Google Analytics

google analytics app
Google Analytics also a very useful app provided by Google.
If you are traveling or somewhere you don’t have a laptop with you.
Then, you can use this app that allows you to check your site stats like Visitors, Bounce Rate, traffic source, CTR and many other things.
You can see real-time website visitors that help you to know how many peoples are currently on your site.
I highly recommend you to use this app to monitor your blog traffic.
Install from Google Play Google Analytics

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6: Evernote

Evernote Android app
If you don’t want to forget any idea then you should have an app like Evernote on your phone.
Evermore has used by most bloggers and marketers as a favorite note-keeping app.
You can simply take notes, get a reminder and also able to share/access notes across the other devices like a computer.
It’s available on both iOS and Android devices.
Install from Google Play Evernote


7: Google Ads

Google Ads Android app
Do you run ads campaigns for your blog post?
If, yes.
Then, Google ads app helps you stay connected with your ads campaign from anywhere, using your Android smartphone.
You can easily view and manage your ads performance like View Campaign stats, Get real-time alert and notification, add/edit or remove keywords and upgrade bids and budgets.
Install from Google Play Google Ads


8: Feedly

Feedly Android app
Do you want to read all your favorite blogs in one place and get a notification when they post new content then check out the Feedly.
It is one of the best apps that allows you to subscribe to your favorite blogs and websites.
So you can read all blog posts in one place that save your time.
You can install this app from google play in your android device.
Install from Google Play Feedly

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9: Grammarly

grammarly android app
Grammarly is a writing error finder app that helps to write error-free everywhere.
Grammarly has also launched its mobile keyword application that allows you to write error-free in your phone.
I have personally used this keyword in my phone that helps me to write correctly in social posts and emails.
You can use this keyword app while formatting your social posts and emails on your phone.
It’s the best free app available on the google play store.
Install from Google Play Grammarly


10: Google My Business

Google My Business app
If you have already listed your business on Google my business or haven’t yet.
Google my business app help you in this to create a business profile on Google.
Every day thousands of peoples search on google for businesses like you.
It helps you in to stand out your profile for free and turn search into your customers with google my business app.
You can connect with your customers and edit your business profile directly using google my business app in your smartphone.
Install from Google Play Google My Business


11: Droidedit

droidedit app
Droidedit is a free source code editor for Android.
Droid edit helps you to edit text and source code directly on your tablet and phone.
It’s come with features like Highlighting for several languages ( C, C++, Java, HTML, CSS, Javascript and many more), Search & Replace, Review HTML files in browser and etc.



IFTTT android app
Everyone wants to make their blogging and social media automate.
IFTTT is an automated service app that makes things easier for you.
If you publish a new post on your blog. It will automatically share to social platforms such as Twitter, Facebook and many others, according to your choice.
Most of the bloggers used IFTTT to save their time.
Install from Google Play IFTTT
In this post, I have maintained the most useful applications that are helpful for bloggers.
You can install them according to your uses and needs.
If you have any questions and suggestion then let me know in the comments.

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