13 Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies for Grow Your Sales

Last Updated on October 30, 2023 by Kundan Sharma

Affiliate Marketing Strategies
Most bloggers and affiliate marketer’s I know who earned their 90% income from Affilite Marketing. If you don’t like to place ads in your content then affiliate marketing is the best alternative to advertising.a
Then, affiliate marketing is a way to earn money from promoting someone else’s products through own referral link.
When someone purchases from your affiliate link you will get a commission. Affiliate marketing has simple processes. You can be very successful in it if you do some things in the right way.
So, in this article, I’m going to share with you some actionable affiliate marketing tips and strategies that you can apply to succeed.

13 Best Affiliate Marketing Strategies to Generate More Sales


1. Affiliate Links on Multiple Places

Whenever you write a product review post or any type of article. You should place an affiliate link button on multiple places that increase the chance visitors go to the product page through your referral link.
It’s better to have a link to the bottom as well that increases the click-through rate.
That way, you must place affiliate links on different locations, top of content, middle of content, and bottom of content.
affiliate button in blog post
This one hack can boost your affiliate click-through rate. I personally use this tactic in my blog post to get more affiliate sales. But keep one thing in mind, buttons should look beautiful and do not place them everywhere.
Add links only to the places where you think users will engage and have a high chance to get clicks.

2. Write Content On Transaction Keywords

There are mainly three types of keywords in the blogging industry.
Most people focus on information and navigational keywords and writer content around these keywords. But, do you know information keywords have conversion rates less than 1% percent?
That’s why you should keep the balance between both information and transaction keywords.
If you will closely track some blogs who earn money from affiliate marketing, you will find they have also written content on transaction keywords.
There’s a Pareto 80/20 rule that says your 80% income will come from 20% transaction keyword posts.
Here are some good examples of transaction keywords.
And more.
You should keep a balance between information and transaction keywords articles to maintain the authority of your blog.

3. Get A Site

If you want massive long term success in affiliate marketing then you must have a blog or website.
Most of the affiliate programs like ShareASale, CJ, Amazon Associate, Impact, and many more only give permission to those who have a beautiful niche site.
Yes, you can promote affiliate products on social platforms and forum sites. Although, having a site is the best way to promote affiliate products and get approvals.
You will also have the complete control on your site that you won’t get on social networking sites.
If you don’t know how to set up a blog/site then read my how to start a blog post that guides you through step by step to have a blog less than $100.
You will just need a domain and hosting to get started that will cost you less than $100 for a year.

4. Use a Link Cloaking Plugin

There are too many beginner bloggers make a big mistake, simply place affiliate links on blog.
They don’t use a link cloaking plugin that allows them to convert ugly affiliate links into pretty links, which help them to boost click-through rate and also good for SEO.
There’s a cool feature that comes with link cloaking plugin like Thirsty Affiliates that is affiliate link tracking, using this feature you can track clicks and conversions of all affiliate links that have been placed on the site.
ThirstyAffiliates Link Cloaking
In this way, you will be able to find out where you are getting clicks from and what is the conversion rate of an affiliate program.
Thirsty Affiliates also secure your affiliate commission from being hacked.
I personally used and recommend Thirsty Affiliates, which is one of the best and popular link cloaking WordPress plugins. You can also check out the 7 best link cloaking plugins that are available for WordPress.

5. Be Patient

There are some bloggers who get easily influenced by seeing others’ income and had jumped to affiliate marketing to get quick rich.
But, the truth is overnight success doesn’t exist in affiliate marketing.
If you consciously notice someone succeed in affiliate marketer who has the months or years of hard work behind it.
Affiliate Marketing is a patient game and first, you need to work hard and deal with multiple things like Content Creation, Learn Things, SEO, Promotion, Email Marketing and etc to become a successful affiliate marketer.
To be honest, First 1 year of starting a blog I earned zero dollars from Affiliate marketing. I made the same mistake that most beginners did jump to the affiliate industry with basic knowledge.
I also thought it would be the quickest way to earn faster online.
If I get results after one year of starting a blog that’s not mean you will get the same results. You might start making money from affiliate marketing within 3 months or 6 months. It totally depends on you how hard you work.
I suggest you start a blog and do affiliate marketing from day one with the knowledge you have, in the way you will get all the knowledge that you need to keep ahead.

6. Promote High Tickets/ Recurring Products

If you want to become a full-time affiliate marketer then you can’t just rely on only low commission affiliate products. You have to promote high ticket and recurring based affiliate products to sustain your affiliate earning in the long term.
If you closely analyze some top bloggers then you will find they earn more from high ticket products that pay them on a monthly recurring basis. I have joined the Thrive Themes affiliate program that pays me 35% Commission on each sale and  25% as recurring.
Thrive Themes Affiliate
When you promote a high ticket recurring product on your blog 2 or 3 sales in a month can make enough money to pursue as a full-time affiliate marketer.

It doesn’t mean you should stop promoting low commission products you need to keep a balance between both. Because, low commission products sales frequently compared to high ticket so, it’s the best strategy to diversify your affiliate earnings.


7. Promote Relevant Products

When you promote relevant products that come under your niche and post topics. You will have a higher chance to generate a sale.
Whenever you write a post article for your blog, keep one thing in mind if there’s any product that is useful for the reader and solves real pain problems.
If yes, then sign up with their affiliate program and promote it in the blog post.
Only promote a product that really solves a problem. If you randomly promote a product that doesn’t add any value to users you won’t get any sales.
For Example, Whenever I talk about email marketing within a blog post I recommend Convertkit to my audience.
That means If someone wants to start email marketing sign-up with my referral link and I will get commission as simple as that and the most important thing, it’s a genuine and popular email marketing tool.

8. Don’t Rely on One Traffic Source

If you want long term success in blogging and affiliate marketing then do not put your eggs in one basket.
I mean do not just rely on one traffic source like Google. You should diversify your traffic source to various other platforms like Social Media, Forum, Quora, Email Marketing, Push Notification, and more.
It also takes time for new blogs to get good monthly organic traffic from Google.
Once you start getting visitors from Google that also doesn’t mean you will always get it. As we all know Google rolls out new updates frequently that can decrease massive traffic of any site even up to 90 percent.
I have been in the SEO industry for the last 3 years and I know one thing Google traffic is uncertain, so if you want affiliate sales then don’t wait to get visitors from Google instead of this you can promote your blog posts on other better platforms where your targeted users spend time.

9. Offer Special Deal to Audience

Do you know when people offer a special deal/discount to audiences then have a higher chance to get more sales compared to simply placing an affiliate link?
You can email product affiliate managers regarding any coupon or special discount code to ask them if they can provide you so you can frequently promote their product.
If the products accept coupons they more likely create a custom coupon code for you with a deal. They can also provide special affiliate links including discounts.
Once you get the special discount of products, next you need to mention the deal within your contents and resources page to generate more sales.

10. Promote Free Trial Products

If you work in the software industry then you might be noticed, most software offers a free trial of their product to new customers. When you promote a free trial product that converts well compared to a product that doesn’t offer any trial.
As we all know people love free trials before investing in a product or service. That’s why companies like Netflix and Amazon Prime offer free trials to new customers to get more paid users.
Earlier in this article, I have recommended you to promote high ticket products and the best thing is most high ticket products come with a free trial.
This makes it easy to promote, you only need to let users sign-up through your unique referral link and the sales will automatically generate after the free trial ends.

11. Create Product Table

Whenever you write a product review and comparison post, must create a table including features, plans, and link to buy.
A product table very useful gives a short and clear overview of the product with a purchase button. You can use a free tool like TablePress to build tables in WordPress.
product table example
It’s one of the best and easy to use table making WordPress plugins but comes with limited customization features.
If you are using a page builder like Elementor, Thrive Architect, and Beaver Builder then you will be able to create beautiful tables.

12. Promote to Email List

When you write a new article and special discount running on a product that you think your email audience are interested in then you can write and send a newsletter to let them know.
Top bloggers and affiliate marketers make quick affiliate sales from their email list. Because email subscribers are the highly targeted audience and trust in your recommendation that’s why they are in your email list.
If you haven’t started collecting emails yet then you are making a big blogging mistake, it can be your biggest asset in the long term.
You can use a tool like Convertkit, it’s one of the best email marketing automation software that lets you start email marketing. You can try Convertkit for 14 days for free.

13. Start With Free Tool

If you have a tight budget, don’t limit yourself.
You can start with the best possible alternative of a tool that is available for free or give a free trial.
As I mentioned above, Convertkit is one of the best email marketing tools. Who’s monthly plan starts at $24/Mo so that everyone can’t afford it in the beginning.
So there’s a good alternative MailChimp that offers similar features for free up to 2000 subscribers.
For starting affiliate marketing you only need to invest in starting a blog Hosting and Domain. Believe me, you can find other things for free to set up a blog like a theme and a page builder, etc.
Don’t wait for the right time, start today with limited and free resources.
If you follow the above-given strategies then it can boost your affiliate conversions.
I have been doing affiliate marketing for 3 years and I have mentioned only affiliate marketing strategies that I found helpful as an affiliate marketer.
Go to each tip one by one and find are you doing it or not, If you are not doing any of these strategies then start working on it immediately to boost sales.
If you have any questions related to affiliate marketing strategies then let me in the comments below.

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