Top 6 Places to Add Keywords in a Blog Post for SEO

Last Updated on September 22, 2020 by Kundan Sharma

top places to add keywords

As you know keywords are the most important when it’s come to rank in Google.
Having keywords at the right place in a blog post will help it to rank higher in search results.
If you don’t know where to add keywords in a post then in this post I will suggest you top 6 places to add keywords in a blog post.

1. Title of post

Every blog post should have the main keyword in their title which helps search engines to understand what’s a post about.
Without using keywords in your post title it’s hard to rank in google.
So add main keywords that peoples searching in google.

For example:

Here is a post “ Top 5 Commenting system for bloggers” have included main targeted keyword “ commenting system for blogger”

keywords in post title


2. Heading

There are multiple heading have inside a blog post such as H1, H2 and H3. Which allows a blog post to rank for multiple terms in google.
You need to add keywords in your main headings of the post.
Because Google also looks for the H2 tags to rank a blog post.
You can use related or LSI keywords in your best headings which help blog post to rank for multiple keywords.
As you know the more keywords of a blog ranked in google the more traffic it gets.

For example:
I have written a blog post on “Top 3 domain authority checker tool”
It has more than 3 headings such as “What is domain authority”, “ How to increase domain authority” and “Factors that affect domain authority”
This strategy helps my post to rank for multiple terms.

keywords in sub headings

3. Meta Description

Meta description of a blog post also an important place to add main the keyword that boosts ranking and also helps people to understand what is your post about.
An attractive post description with targeted keywords gets more clicks.
Note that your post description should be no more than 150 words.

For Example:
I have written a post on “18 Best Selling Fiverr Gigs to Make Money in 2020” and you can see how I added the main keywords naturally.

keywords in description

4. URL

URL of a post is a very important place to add keyword which helps Google to understand the post.
Keep it simple and memorable post URL, don’t go with the long post URL because nowadays it’s not SEO friendly.

For example:

I have published a blog post “11 on-page SEO optimization techniques” and the URL of this post is just two words longer “on-page SEO”keyword in post url

5. Top of Content

Most of blogger and SEO expert suggest that must have your main keywords I’m the first 100 words of your post.
It helps Google to understand your content topic.

For Example:
Brian Dean from Backlinko, he is one of the best SEO experts also suggests this method.

If you look at his one page SEO optimization post you will see that he added main keywords in the first 100 words.


6. Image Alt tag

Images play an important role in the ranking of any site. Google doesn’t have the ability to read the image.
Image alt tag helps search engines to know what is an image about. So you need to add image keywords in the alt text for better SEO of your blog.keywords-in-image-alt-tag


I These are the most common places on a post where you should add your main keywords to do on-page SEO. I personally put keywords like this in my blog posts to optimize them search engine.

If you have any questions and suggestion then let me know in the comment below.

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