A Step-By-Step Beginner’s Guide to Google Search Console

One of the important steps to optimizing your site for the search engine is adding your site to google search console (webmaster tool).
It helps your site to get over the google search results.
In this article, I will be going to show how to add your WordPress site to the Google webmaster tool.

What is google search console?

Webmaster tool is now known as Google search console. It’s a free service tool that helps to index, monitor and maintain your site for Google search. It is a tool powered by Google.
It is not necessary to signup with google search console but doing can help you to understand more about your site. You can see how your site performing well in search results.

Why do you need to use google search console?

1: it helps to know your webpages have indexed or not google.
2: Google search console lets you know if you have any errors in your webpages.
3: GSC helps to crawl and index the new webpages that you posted.it shows you how many webpages have been indexed.
4: Google search console helps to target the specific country if you want more traffic from a country like the united states then you can target your site to that location.
5: It helps to you know which pages of your site got clicks and impressions, so you can run a campaign according to that results.

How to add google search console with your WordPress site?

It is very easy to add a WordPress site with a Google search console.I am going to show you the full process. 
We will complete it in two-part the first in we will verify site at the search console and in the second part we will be adding the sitemap to the search console to start crawl and index the site.

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Step 1: Go to Google Search Console
You will need a google account to sing up with google search console. This tool is free for use.
Step 2: Submit Your Site URL

Here, you need to add your property (domain), first click on the “Add A Property” 

button then a pop-up page opens where you will need to add your site URL then click on the “Add” button.

Step 3: Verify Your Site
Once you added your site, now you need to verify your website. There you will get 
different methods to verify your site but you need to select “HTML tag” 
then you have to copy the code like shown below in the image.


Step 4: Log in to Your WordPress site.
When you logged in, go to the dashboard and you will see the menu in that menu click on “SEO”.

There you also get some more options to click on “general”
Then on the “webmaster tools” tab add that copied code in “The Google Verification Code” box and click on the “Save Changes” button.
Step 5: Now go back to the search console verification tab

One you came back to the google search console tab click on the “verify” button then you could see the green right icon.

Congratulation you have complicated your site verification with google search console.’

How to add a sitemap to google search console?

Once you have verified your site with Google search console. Now you need to add your sitemap to the search console to crawl and index your webpages and it shows you how your site performs in search results.

Step 1: Log in to google search console
Log in to search console with your google account.
Step 2: Go to the crawl
You need to click on the “crawl” option then click on the “Sitemaps” like shown below in the image.


Step 3: Click on the Add/test sitemap
Now you will see the “Add/Test Sitemap” button at the right top corner of the screen clicks on it.

A page will be open where you need to type “sitemap_index.xml” into the box then clicks on the “Submit” button.


Once you have submitted your sitemap. Google could take some days or some weeks to crawl your site maybe sometimes it takes 24 hours. It totally depends on google.

How to use google search console?

Google search console helps in you many ways in like international targeting, search analytics, Sitemaps, crawl stats, crawl errors, fetch as google and mobile usability.
1: International Targeting
Google search console has a feature to target your site to a specific country to get more traffic from that place.

To set up international targeting, you have to log in at your search console the dashboard then click on the “Search Traffic” then select the “International Targeting” then click on the country tab, Now you can target a specific country.


2: Mobile Usability
Go to the “Search Traffic” then click on the “mobile usability” option. It helps you to detect any Mobile Usability error at your site.
If you have any error at your site then you can fix them.

You site should don’t have any Mobile Usability errors because of a site with mobile usability issues may not rank well in mobile search results.

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3: Search Analytics
Search analytics gives you information about queries, clicks, impressions, CTR and Position.

For check search analytics first, you need to click on “search Traffic” then select the “search analytics”
Clicks: when you click on the “Click” option. You will see how many clicks you got on your webpages.
It shows you all the Click that peoples clicked on your site.
Impression: it shows you how many times people See’s your webpages in search results.
You can see the total impression you got on your site.
CTR: click through rate is calculated on how many clicks you got and a total number of people seen your webpage.
Position: it shows you the average Position of your pages in search results.
You can also see the Queries, Pages, countries and device.


Queries: it is one of the important features that show you which Keywords have used by your site visitors.
You will see all the Keywords that drive traffic at your site.
You can implement that Keywords in your site to increase your ranking.
Pages: it shows you all the pages with clicks, impression and CTR.
Countries: Here, at this option help you to know where from the visitors came at your site.
Devices: here you can see which device used in the search. It shows you about mobile and desktop device.
4: Sitemaps
Here you will get the details of how many pages of your site got submitted and indexed.
For see this you have to click on the “Crawl” option at the search The console then click on the “Sitemaps”
5: Crawl errors

Here at this place, you can check the site URL errors of your site. If you any page errors you can see that just by going to the “Crawl” then click on the “Crawl Errors”.
If you have any URL errors then you can fix them just by select the error pages and click on the “Mark as Fixed”.
6: Crawl Stats
Go to the search Console and click on “Crawl” then select the “Crawl stats” here you will get details of your pages that crawled.
You can see the Crawl stats with the help of graph.


7: Fetch as Google
You need to click on the “Crawl” then click on the “fetch as Google”.

It shows you how Google crawl and rending your site.
You can check any pages of your site just by adding the page URL to see the result.

I hope you found this article helpful if you have any question and suggestion leave a comment below.

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