6 Reasons WPForms is The Best Form Builder for WordPress

Last Updated on November 13, 2020 by Kundan Sharma

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Do you want to create contact form or any type of form in WordPress? Then you can use a plugin called WPForms. It’s one of the best popular WordPress contact form builder that is very easy to use.

In this article, I will be going to share with you the top 6 reasons WPForms is the best builder plugin for WordPress.

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6 Reasons WPForms is The Best Form Builder

Building a WordPress form has been not easier thanks to WPFoms. It often claims to be the most beginner friendy WordPress form builder in existence and hugely emphasizes the convenience.

With, WPForm you don’t have to hire a developer or even touch a single line of code to create a WordPress form.

You can create a form in a matter of minutes, no matter whether you want to create a contact form or a complex form like a registration & payment form.

Let’s find out the top 5 reasons why you should use WPFoms.


1. The powerful drag and drop form builder

With WPForms you can use drag & drop builder to create any kind of form in just a few minutes, no need for any coding skill.wpforms form

Adding and rearranging form fields can easily rearrange the field per your needs with drag & drop.


2. Hundreds of form templates to choose from

When you use WPFoms you will have access to a pre-built WordPress form doesn’t need to build from scratch.

The core plugin comes with bundled with several pre-built form templates to choose from such as 

  • Blank form
  • Simple contact form
  • Request & Quote form
  • Donation form
  • Billing/order form
  • Poll and survey form
  • Newsletter signup form
  • and more

Want to create WordPress form for your industry or niche without having to build it from the scratch?


Then you have to install the form template pack addon. The form template pack addon lets you choose from a huge variety of pre-built templates for every industry.

That means, regardless of the industry you can find the right form template in WPForms.

This saves you time as you don’t always have to build form from scratch. You will have to install the form template pack addon. 

The form template pack addon lets you choose from huge variants of pre-built templates for every industry.

That means, you can find the right form template for your industry.

To save you valuable time, you only have to search for a template you want to use once it appears click on it.


3. Make it easy to embed form in post/page

To embed WPForms in a post or page, you don’t need to copy or paste shortcodes manually.

Rather, head over to the post/page editor where you want to publish your form. Click the Form Add button which you can find just above the text editor.WPForms-form-add

A model popup will now appear asking you to choose the right form select the right form and hit the add form button.


4. Create a survey/poll form

The survey or polls addon enables you to quickly conduct a survey or poll on your WordPress site. In addition, you also get the best in class survey reports with WPFoms.


When considered with the conditional logic, you can even personalize your survey questions based on the user’s response.

WPFoms also enables you to quickly share your reports on your website or with followers on social media.


5. Create a custom login registration form

If you have running a community powred site such as membership sites, forums, niche social networks or any other site that has to require users to generate on the account then you might want to create a custom login form on your site.post-submissions-addon

The main benefit of creating a custom login or registration form is that you can embed it anywhere on your site.

This way you don’t necessarily have to direct users to the default login page by creating a custom login page, you can display a customized brand to your users giving your site a more professional look.


6. Collect payments within your form

Whether, you want to accept an online donation for your non-profit or need to collect payments for digital downloads WPForms make that easy for you.payments-tab-wpforms

You can accept payments via Paypal, Standard, or Stripe integration. WPFoms also allows you to display images of your products in the order form, giving users visual look at what they are ordering.


WPForms Pricing

WPForms is suited for all websites of all sizes and budgets. Whether, you’re running a blog, small business, non-profit organization, eCommerce business, or any other website. You’ll find the WPForms plugin helpful.


The plugin is available to download for free from the official WordPress site. The pricing of the basic version starts from $31.60 for a single site.

The most popular plan is Pro, which gives you access to all addon for 25 sites and priority support for a year which costs you $159.60.

They also offer an Elite plan for unlimited sites, WordPress multiple support, and client management features for $239.60.


Final Thoughts

WPFoms was built with a single goal in mind, build a WordPress plugin that both easy and powerful, so even an absolute beginner can create WordPress forms without having to hire a developer.

The form created with WPForms and incredibly fast and SEO friendly.

It allows integration with various tools like email marketing tools, payment processors, web apps, and other useful addons.

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