top 81+ high da social bookmarking sites list

Social bookmarking of your site is also a great way to get backlinks from top social sites.
It's play a very important role in important role in improving your search ranking of your site.
I am going to share with you top social bookmarking sites where you can get do follow backlink to your site.
It's one of the easiest ways to earn backlinks from high Authority sites.
If you don't know what is social bookmarking of site then read below.

What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is like same we bookmark webpage in browser so we can easily access site later.
Social bookmarking also work like same here we bookmark site to social side including pages, posts, videos and images that social users can  find your site on social sites.
It's a great way to reach up to more peoples because these days millions of peoples are using social sites.
As you know there are top social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc.
But, there are many more social sites you are not aware of but those are help to get you more traffic on your site.

What are the benefits of social bookmarking sites?

1: If you have listed your site on social bookmarking sites then you can able to get more audience.
If you site is new and want to promote your site to more peoples then social bookmarking is one of the best method.

2: You also get high quality backlinks from top domain and page authority sites.
3: Google also looking for post to rank higher in Google search who has mostly shared on social platforms.
When your site listed on social bookmarking sites it has might chances to get lots of share.

4: Spacial bookmarking of sites help to build brand over the internet Whenever your posts appear in social sites peoples more likely engage and subscribe to it and know about your services.

How to do social bookmarking of your site?

As you know social bookmarking is one the important SEO method.
There are so many social bookmarking sites over internet which gives do follow backlink to site.
But, before submitting your site on social bookmarking sites you need to keep some things in your mind such as if you do to much spamming things on social bookmarking sites then you can get penalized.
In the past I did the same, I have shared my all articles to different groups of facebook and they marked my URL as a spam.
So don't do the spam things and promote your web pages genuinely.
And avoid promotion of your web pages everywhere on social site.
You should have promoted your contents as well as others content under your niche.
In this way you have less chance to get penalized.

List of top 81+ high DA social bookmarking sites

I have tried most of social bookmarking sites and checked almost every site.
Most of social bookmarking sites are working fine but few are not.
However, they have high page rank you can go with each of them and bookmark your site.

These social bookmarking sites will help to improve the search engine ranking of your site and help to get good number of traffic.
As I mentioned above, you can also get high quality backlink from social bookmarking sites that help to appear your webpages top in the Google search engine like Google.
apart from all of these things it's also helpful to branding of your site over the internet.
So I think now you know how a social bookmarking site beneficial for your site.
Go ahead and bookmark your site on above bookmarking sites.

I hope this article was helpful for you. If you have any question and suggestion let me know in the comment below.
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