Do you have a comment system on your blog?
If you don't have a comment system on your blog then you should have.
It's a great way to connect with your blog visitors and help to get a response from them.
If you are using a comment system then you can check out these 5 best comments system that will help you to get more comments.
Some are third-party comments system but they are getting popularity day to day.
You can use one of them to get you blog comment and also gives you some power features.

List of 5 Best Commenting System for Blogger in 2019.

1: Disqus Comment System

Disqus is a third-party comment system getting popular these days.
It's a strong moderation commenting system most of the blogger using Disqus on their blog.
I am using this comment system on my blog. It's one of the best comment systems I have ever tried.
Now talk about Disqus features
With Disqus, your blog will have some advanced features like social networking, advanced administration and moderation option.
The best thing about Disqus is that it's capable of any type of website and blog.
You can install Disqus commenting system on your site by a plugin and as well code.
It's one of the safest commenting systems first people need to sign up with Disqus then it allows to make a comment on your and other sites.
Disqus also allow their users to add media file in a comment so blog visitors can add an image with the comment.
If you don't need this feature then you can disable this feature as a site owner.
Disqus also change background and link color according to the site.

A good thing about Disqus you can easily see your blog comments using their dashboard.
I think it's the first comment system that allows making money from native advertisements. 
A publisher can generate money from their growing audience.
Now, the Disqus comment system using by small and big sites.
You can also migrate your existing comments to Disqus so you don't need to worry about your existing comments on your site.

2: Facebook Comment

Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world.
It has over 1.45 billion daily active users that's why Facebook comment system is so popular.
People who visit your blog will of the course have a Facebook account.
So it's easy to have to people to comment on your blog without any sign-up process.
They also get notified through Facebook when they get like and reply on their comment.
It's one of the best comments systems that creates engagement with the blog owner and visitor.
A blog owner can easily get to know about the peoples who commented on a post with the help of Facebook.
You can able to see commenter’s profile, location and other information depend on the users Facebook privacy setting.

3: Intense debate
Intense debate is a little similar to Disqus comment.
It's also one of the popular comments systems for a blog.
The intense debate takes comments to the next level.
It has some great features that make it different from other commenting systems.
You readers can post a comment using services like Facebook and Twitter.
Readers can also sign-up with Intense debate or simply add a comment as a guest.
It's work with almost every blogging a platform such as WordPress, Blogger and Tumblr, TypePad and more.
The cool thing about this comment the system is that they have email notification alert that encourages visitors to come return on the blog.
You can reply and moderate comments via email.
It's very easy to send email to the user who commented on a blog and leave it.
Intense debate offers some hardcore moderation options, customize your settings to moderate by Keyword, IP address, link, number, and email.

4: Livefyre Comment
Livefyre is another popular comment system.
It's much similar to Disqus, like Disqus people who want to comment on will need to sign up with Livefyre account.
Which can create for free with their email address or by signing with other social networks such as Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus etc.

As I mentioned above Livefyre works similar to Disqus.
It has also powerful features like spam protection, blacklists, multiple moderators, whitelists and more.
You can easily install Livefyre on blogging platforms like WordPress and Tumblr. 
5: Base Comments
Base comment systems are more popular than other third-party comment systems.
Most blogging platform such as WordPress, Tumblr, and Blogger have their own in build comment feature.
Base comment system allows to visitors add a comment without sign up third-party comment.
People can easily add a comment with the name, email and website address.
There is some good reason that's why bloggers used the base comment. It's usually built with the platform and doesn't require additional sign up to put a comment that increases comments on the blog.
But there are some drawbacks to the base comments system.
They don't have features like advance moderation and spam handling feature like third-party comment systems.
But, they are also a good comment system most of the blogger still using the base commenting system on their blog.

Every blog commenting systems has own pros and cons.
I suggest you to find out which one is most user-friendly for your blog visitors.
You can also go to different blog under your niche and see which comment system they are using for their website.
In this way, you will get a better idea to which one you should need to use for your blog.
If you want to hear my opinion then I will go with the Disqus comment system.
It's getting popularity day today and most of the site owner started using it.
I am already using Disqus on my blog for grab comments of my blog visitors.

I hope this post was helpful for you and let me know in the comment, which one commenting system you would like to use on your blog.
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