best social media marketing tools

Social media marketing tools allow you to manage your social accounts and create engagement with social media platforms followers.
Social media networks are very important these days for online businesses. It's changed the internet world because almost every people in the world connected with social networks.
It’s the better to promote your brand on social media to reach up to more peoples and build branding of your business.

But, it's very hard for busy bloggers and marketers to manage their social account.
So, there are some tools that help you to manage your social accounts from one dashboard and track, monitor and analyse performance.
Some of marketing tool allow you to pre schedule your social updates that save your time and some of help you to create more engagement with social platforms.

List of 10 best Social media marketing tools in 2019

1. Hootsuit

Hootsuit is a social media management tool. It’s a simple marketing tool with some powerful features like they allow sending content to different social media platforms at the same time.

Hootsuit is software which is trusted by more than 16 million users worldwide.
It is also help to manage likes and comments of social accounts just from a one place.
Hootsuit is quite expensive for the Beginner's, if you are a newbie and don't want to spend any money then you can use their 30 days trial version.

Manage from one place: Hootsuit allows you to manage you company social networking from their one dashboard.
You can also look what happing in social platforms.

Reply with single click: you can quickly respond to messages and comments of social accounts through hootsuit dashboard.

Grow your audience: Hootsuit analytics report shows what posts are working and what are not.
It's track the performance of social media platforms and help you to grow audience and improve campaign.

More social platforms: Hootsuit allows you to easily connect with over 35 popular social networks.
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2. Buffer

Buffer is one of the most popular and recognized social media management tools.
With the help of buffer, you can easily schedule any post across the different social networks and buffer will publish it automatically, according to the time.
It’s one of the best and easiest features tool in the market. They also provide the free option to use it.

• Schedule your posts: You can easily schedule post for all the social networks on which you want to publish posts.
Buffer will publish them automatically, according to posting schedule time.

Manage Social account from one place: buffer also help you to manage all social accounts from one place using their dashboard.
You don't need to waste valuable times to log in different social platforms.

Analyze the performance: Buffer allows tracking engagement and interaction on the posts, which you have shared on social platforms so, you will able to see how your posts are performing across social accounts.

Browse intension: they also have provided browse intension that help to save and share found content on social platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and etc.
3. SpoutSocial

Spoutsocial is a collaborative social media management tool which is used by the marketers to grow their social communication.
Spoutsocial is all in one social marketing solution that's help to control better social accounts.
It's comes with the full post scheduling capabilities and analysis performance of social campaign.
It does easily integrate with social networks like Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram, Google+ and etc.

Better social media management: Spoutsocial bring all massages from all of your social accounts at a one place.
You get opportunities to get engage, join conversation and response to massages of social networks.

Real Time Dashboard Monitoring: Spoutsocial monitor massages of social platforms and track the brand specific keywords to find engagement.

Social Media Automation: you can easily send posts on social accounts at the right time with the help of scheduling features.
It's cut your work and also save your valuable time.

Social Media Analaytics: Spoutsocial analysis performance of social accounts that help you to know how your social posts performing.

4. BuzzSumo

Buzzsumo is one of the best social media marketing tools that help to find most popular content on social platforms.
Using buzzsumo you can easily find out the most popular content by just pick a topic or keywords . 
You'll get the breakdown of some of most popular and most shared contents on social media platforms.
This is the best way to find new content idea for your blog post that also might be chance to get shared on social networks.
Buzzsumo is very helpful for bloggers and marketers in content marketing as well in social media marketing.

View most shared content: one of the main features of buzzsumo to shows you most shared content on the social web around the any topic which you searched.
You will get the content report from different social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and etc.

See what’s trending: Buzzsumo allow you to know what is trending on social media platforms. You can easily see it from the "Trending Now" tab.

Find Influencers: you can see the Influencers who shared the content.
Buzzsumo allows you to create an Influencers list, so you can target them later with your own content.
5. Canva

Canva, I just love this tool. It's one of the easiest ways to create images for your blog.
Most of my blog images created on canva.
It's free to use that allow you to make different types of graphics via image and text.
You can create post images, infographic, facebook cover page image, which help you to engage with social platforms.
Right now, canva is one of the most powerful social media marketing tools.

Easy to use: Canva has simple interfaced, you can easily create beautiful graphic designs using their drag and drop feature.

Create stunning images: Canva allow to create stunning images for your social media posts for better engagement.
Canva also help in to create infographic, you can pin informative and attractive infographics on social media platform like Pinterest for more engagement.

Get free images: canva gives thousands of free images; you can use them to create beautiful graphic design.

6. MeetEdgar

MeetEdgar is a social media management tool that helps you to scheduling your old and new posts to publish on the right time on social platforms.
It does allow organizing your posts by category and also helping to recycle your social posts update automatically.

Categorize your posts: MeetEdgar categorized online library of social updates for your personal and business social accounts.

Post scheduling: MeetEdgar independently schedules contents to be published at the best time.

Analysis audience engagement: it's analysis audience engagement  ongoing basis to publish when your post is most likely to get response from your audience.
7. Socialoomph

Socialoomph is a freepremium social media management tool.
When you first look at socialoomph then you will think it is simpler than some other marketing tools on this list.
However, the functionality of socialoomph is greater.
They provide features like bulk upload updates.

For example: you can list a number of blog posts and distribute them randomly across different social networks at a certain time-bashed intervals you choose.
They also provide Analytics feature to monitor your social engagement.

It’s free to use: the good thing about socialoomph is they provide free version so, if you are a beginner or don't want to spend on social marketing tool then you can use it for free and learn how to manage social accounts.

Bulk upload:  You can update your posts on different social media platforms by scheduling.

8. Oktopost

Oktopost is a social media management tool and this is specially designed for business to business companies.
It’s allowed you to schedule, manage, monitor and measure all of your social activities to reach B to B marketing.

Better Features: Oktopost is a useful social media management tool for scheduling, measuring, monitoring and creating social listening.

Designed to B to B: It is B to B focus tool and designed for large businesses.
It allows you unified global campaign for large scale businesses.
9. Sendible

Sendible is a simple and better solution for social media marketing.
It allows you to schedule posts update on social media.
It does also provide the features like social Analytics, monitoring and audience engagement.

Manage from one dashboard: you can easily identify important massages and comments from just on dashboard.

Save time via scheduling: you can easily distribute messages to all of your social networks and mailing lists via schedule social media posts.

Get Analytics: Sandible gives you in-depth reports for Facebook, Twitter,  Instagram, LinkedIn and more.

10. AgroPluse

AgroPluse is a simple and powerful tool, one-stop solution for scheduling monitoring and tracking.
The success of posts on all social networks.
It is one of the most affordable social media management tool for bloggers and marketers.

Better publish features: AgroPluse post to all social account on which you want and queue or schedule content at right moment.

Deep analytics: You get social media stats by just one click and also shows you deep analytics report of your social accounts, which help you to know, how your social campaign performing.

Retweet evergreen contents: you know the evergreen contents are performing well, you can re-queue content to upload them many times on social account like Twitter.
It’s help you to get long term benefit from evergreen content.
You don't need to add manually again and again by yourself.
There is so many different social Media marketing tools and they have also own different features.
For example: Hootsuit, Buffer and SpoutSocial allow you to manage your social accounts from just one dashboard and you can update your social post by scheduling.
Canva help you to create stunning images those you can use in your social accounts for more engagement.
BuzzSumo does allow you to find out most popular and trending topics over the social networks.
So, I want to say that every tools has its own features, you just need to figure out which tool work for your social media marketing.

I would suggest you to use Hootsuit or Buffer for social media management, Canva for create beautiful images for your social accounts and Buzzsumo to find out most popular and trending contents on social media platforms.
I hope you found this post helpful, if you have any question and suggestion then let me know.
I feel great if you take some precious time and leave your valuable comment below.