6 best wordpress backup plugins in 2018

Every website should have backup of their site.
If you aren't Backing up of your site then you are doing a big mistake.
Without a backup your site, you could be lost forever.

It is very important to use Backup plugin to do backup of entire site including contents, themes, plugins and database.
In case you get hacked and server crushes. You will have the backup of your site that will help you to get live your site again.
If you are a content creator then you understand value of contents.

If you are still not doing backup of your site then think again and start Backing up of your site today.
In this article, I am going to tell you about top 6 wordpress backup plugins that will do the backup of site.

Here, the list of top 6 backup plugins for wordpress site.

1. Backup Buddy
best wordpress backup plugins

Backup Buddy is a premium wordpress backup plugin.
It's a complete backup plugin that backup your entire site including media library, themes, plugins, widgets, contents and database.

You can download the backup of your site into a zip file.

If anything goes wrong with your site backup buddy will get your site up using restore function.

It's extremely powerful WordPress backup plugin that gives your great features such as schedule and automated backups you can schedule backup of your site hourly, daily, weekly and monthly.

And restore backup files safely support with Amazon S3, Dropbox, Google Drive, Backup Buddy Stash.
It's really a great plugin for backup of wordpress site.
2. BackWpUp

It's a good free backup plugin for wordpress site.
BackWpUp backup plugin will save WP Content and extra backup services like Drop Box, S3 and FTP and many more.
The free version of BackWpUp is not good as the BackWpUp pro.

Using their premium version you can get more features like database backup, WordPress XML export, optimize database, generate a file with installed plugins, file backup, backups in zip,tar, bzz and check repair database of your site and send loss and backups by email.

3. Valutpress

Valutpress is a real time backup and security scanning tool powered by jetpack.
It is one of the best paid backups and security tools for wordpress.
It's backup everything of your site such as posts, comments and media files on their server.

It does also protect site against hackers, accidental damage and malware.
Valutpress make it easy to keep up to date backup of your site with daily and real-time syncing off all wordpress contents.

Valutpress is also do security scan daily and make it easy to review and fix threats.
Using valutpress you can easily begin restore and backup in just few minutes from FTP and SSH connection.
Valutpress will automatically fix the common threats of your site.
4. Updraft Plus

Updraft Plus is a backup and restoration plugin for WordPress sites.
It's the highest rankings and popular scheduled backup plugin.

It has more than over 1 million active users and has been using for getting backup of their site.

Updraft Plus backup your files and database backup into the cloud directly to Dropbox, Google Drive, Amazon S3 and FTP.

Updraft Plus paid version has some more features such as Microsoft one Drive, Google Cloud Storage, Backblaze B2, SCP and WebDAV.

It will help your site when you get hacked and something goes wrong with your update and server crush.

The free version of Updraft Plus works just fine but if you need more options and features then you can take premium version of Updraft Plus.
Premium version of Updraft Plus will allow you to easily duplicate and migrate website.

5. Duplicator

Duplicator wordpress migration plugins that allow to migrate, copy and move a site from place to another.
It's also work as a backup plugin and it has over 10 million downloads.

Duplicator is a great plugin for copy and migrate your wordpress site from one location to another.
It does create a package of site including plugins, contents, themes, files and database into a zip file.
Which you can easily use in migrate your site any location as well as backup.

Duplicator has some useful features such as Transfer a WordPress site from one hosting to another, move, migrate or clone a WordPress site, perform a full wordpress migration without struggling with import/export SQL scripts.

But duplicator pro take your site backup to the next level and provide some great features like scheduled backups of wordpress site Cloud Storage, Dropbox, Google Drive, Microsoft One Drive etc.
6. Backup WordPress

Backup WordPress is a backup plugin that will back up your full site with database and files.

It's a very simple backup plugin for wordpress site and also in easy to use. 
You can also schedule time of backup using backup wordpress.

It's come with simple features like easy to use, no setup required.
You can run backup wordpress plugin in low memory and shared host.
It does provide zip and mysqldump files to the user for faster backup.

Every backup Plugins have its own pros and cons.
If your site at the beginning stage. Or you have a small size site.
Then, I would suggest you to use BackWPUp plugin for backup of your site. 
It's one of the best and free plugins for beginners.

If you have a big size's site then you can use Backup Buddy.
It's a great backup plugin that do the backup of entire site and as well as work a better security plugin.
Backup Buddy is a paid backup plugin that comes under a good price range.

I hope this post was helpful. if you have any question, suggestion and want to add more backup Plugins in this list.
Then let me know in the comments and don't forget to share.