how to choose a right domain, pick a perfect domain

You have a quality website or blog people will visit your site no matter what is your domain name that's right.

well but the domain name play a very important role to make brandable.
A good domain name under you site niche can helps you to make a brand around it.
Now Google also look's for branded and trusted site to rank higher in search result.
These days branding is more important.

Domain names are important just because of some things which are I am going to talk about.

1. You URL is the first thing that your site visitors see, a good domain name can make your site impressive at your site visitors.

Sometimes visitors return from the site just because they don't understand the domain name.

A good domain name including Targeted Keyword create opportunitie to make brand around that name.

3. A domain name with targeted keyword can helps to increase your SEO and easy to understand what is your site about.

You can use any name to start a site it is not necessary.
In this article I am going to talk about how to choose a better domain name, keep these things in your mind at the time of registration of a domain name.

You can buy the domain name from sites like GoDaddy and NameCheap both are the great domain registrar company.
You will have the cost of domain around between $10 - $15 dollars.

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Top 10 tips to pick up a perfect domain name

how to choose a right domain name infographic

1: Keep it short
A short length domain name way better than a long according to the research found that which website has 6 characters in their domain name are perform better than better than other.
You should keep your domain name in between 6 to 14  characters but it's hard to find shorter domain name because they have already taken by someone. If you able to find any shorter name under your niche then register it before someone else does.
You can see my domain name has 13 characters.
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2: Easy to type
Domain's name which are easy to type that perform well. You should have a domain that everyone can easily type.
If you use complex words within your domain name then it would be difficult have to people to type it, so you should don't use complex words, grammer error and numbers in your domain name.

3: Use keywords
Using Keyword in your domain name is the best thing because site visitors see the domain first, when you have targeted keyword in your domain name that helps your visitors to know what's your blog about.
Targeted keywords domain name also get the better ranking in Google search.

For example: A keyword research tool called rank higher in searches for "Keyword tool" word. It has .io extension even lots of people don't know about this extension but it is performing well because of its targeted keyword.
If you use targeted keyword in your domain name that will be a game changer for you.

4: Avoid numbers and hyphens
A domain name should be easy to understand, don't take confused domain like if you are going to take a domain but people's can understand it as a so you should avoid using numbers in your domain name.
You have to keep in mind one more thing that don't use hyphens within your domain name like but if you use hyphens then it will be that will be not a good thing because it make not any sense to the people you just going to confuse peoples.
You should have focus to avoid hyphens and numbers in a domain name.

5: Be memorable and easy to spell
A domain name should have catchy and easy to memorable because when your domain name memorable and catchy then people easily remember your domain name.
When someone ask about any site related to your niche then they can easily spell your domain to the others.
This thing only happens with the memorable domain name so before get a domain name think and take a better catchy domain name for your site.

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6: Use perfect domain extension
No doubt, .com is the best extension that mostly used in domain industry.
Most of people use .com extension and even people when think about a domain name the first thing comes in their mind that is .com.

You should have to take a .com domain name but it's very hard to find .com with perfect keyword that you want because it might be already have taken that name.
But there are solution you can also look for the .org and .net they also famous after .com.

7: Research it
Make sure the name you have selected is not trademarked and copyrighted by someone.
It could be being legal problem for you and could also lose your domain name., So don't forget to research about the name before get register.
If you used a domain name related to other brand that creates brand confusion.. which would hard for you brand ability.

8: Think in long term 
Everybody wants to grow their site and business over the online. In the coming future you could also grow your site and cover some more topics. If you have a domain name like but you should want to grow your site around more topics cover all the digital marketing topics then It would be not a good name and if you try to change your domain name then you might be loss the domain trust, visitors and ranking, so you should think in the long term what's your future plans with your blog.
Then take a right domain name for you.

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9: Check the ability on social Media
Social media is one of the best place these days to grow your site and connect with your audience. You should check your selected name availability on social media platforms. If someone already taken and create profile and pages on thet selected name, so you should take a different name for your blog.

10: Domain name generator
If you have already a domain name in your mind that's good if not then you can take the help of domain name generator they shows you different domain name ideas.
You only have to add word which you want in your domain name it will shows you some great domain name around that word. There you choose a better domain name for yourself.
There are some sites like wordoid, learndomainsearch and domainhole they will bring some domain name ideas for you.