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There are so many blog niches are working online. if you want to start a blog online then niche blog is a good idea because when you are doing a niche blog. your blog have targeted audience.
If you haven’t picked any blog topic yet, that’s why I wrote this article, A good blog start with a blog topic.

There are so many blog ideas doing well from past few years and still do good in future also.
Before selecting any blog niche, you have to think which passion you have if you have any passion you can start a blog on the topic.

Top Blog Niches That You Can Start and Make Money

1. Blogging/Make Money Online
Start a blog on blogging topic is one of the best blog idea with the help of blogging niche you can guide people to how to earn money online. most of people have chosen this niche.
If you have knowledge about blogging, search engine optimization, digital marketing and make money online, you can help people to grow their blog or website. This is most trending blog niche. You can make thousands of dollars from this blog idea.
Now day most of companies want grow their business online so you can help them to grow online business through this blog niche.

2. Health and Fitness
Health and Fitness is one of the growing blog niches because most of people looking for heath tips online. if you choice this blog niche you can easily rank in Google search engine than some other niches.
You can get tones of blog visitor by a Health and Fitness blog. Then you can monazite your blog with Google AdSense and also can promote affiliate products through your blog. Promoting health and fitness products through this blog can make passive earning for you.

3.  Personal Finance
Become a finance advice through your blog is a good idea. Personal finance blog niche is one of the best blog ideas to start. Today’s date peoples want to invest in various plans. They always look for finance advice online. Some finance website gives the ideas where to invest and how to save money.
Start a blog on the personal finance and give investment ideas, banking, save money and personal loan etc.

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 4. Travel
Travel blog niche is a good idea. It is also start getting visitors at your blog within few times.  We know the travelling is popular topic because everybody wants to travel. Now day’s people are travelling a lot than before.
Peoples always search when travel anywhere like cheapest foods, best places to visit and where to stay. If you want to write about travel blog then you can start it is very good blog niche.
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5. Food
A food blog tech peoples about cooking and notorious foods. Peoples always search for foods online you can start a blog on that topic and cooking and healthy foods tips.
Here you can earn money from monetize your blog with ads and affiliate products.

6. Relationship and Dating
Relationship and dating blog trending now days, you can create a blog on this topic and give tips to the peoples about relationship and dating.
You can also write about relationship and dating quotes. Now days most of young peoples come to the internet to search related to relationship. You will also earn easily by monetize your blog with Google Adsense and direct advertisement. When will you be search on the internet about dating you could see so many blogs are there related to Relationship and Dating.

How to blogs are so famous on the internet and also rank higher in search results because Google love How to blog posts. You can start a blog on How-to topic. Here you guide people how to do something. People always search for the tutorials and guide.
You can make a blog on How-to topic. There are so many blogs are making more than 100,000 from how to blogs.
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8. Beauty and Fashion
If you have knowledge about beauty and Fashion then you can start Beauty and Fashion blog. This is also a trending blog niche. Peoples always search online for beauty tips and fashion ideas.
This blog idea is very nice because you can earn money by ads and also from promoting affiliate products like beauty and fashion to your blog readers.

9. Technology
Technology blogs have lots of competition but it is also a most popular niche in blogging. You can start a blog on technology if you have knowledge about technology.
You have to write about tech tutorials, tech tips, tech guide and tech news. It is a good niche because technology changing everyday so you have always some topic to write.
This types of blog rank better in search engine.

10. Automobile
Automobile blogs are latest blog trend in some counties. If you have passion about cars and bikes you could be start automobile blog. Automobile blogs are doing great in India.
Peoples are searching a lot about cars and bike for getting knowledge, price and guides, so automobile blog is also good for blogging.


Every blog niche is good in own way, if you have passion or knowledge about any topic then you can start a blog on that niche. Blog ides are come from knowledge. 
You can start a blog on any topic just you have to do hard work and give informative contain to your log readers. If you have any question about related blog ideas and niche just do comment below.