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If you have a blog then you need to submit a sitemap to the search engines. A sitemap is a XML file of your blog which contains the link of all pages in you blog.
Sitemap help to search engine crawl and index your blog pages. A sitemap tells search engine about your blog or pages.

Submitting a sitemap to search engines like Google Webmaster, Bing and Yahoo is very important to come in the search results.
When you will submitted the sitemap then search engine start will start showing your blog  post in search engine when someone search related to your blog.

Step to Submit Blogger Sitemap to the Bing and Yahoo

The Yahoo site explorer was merged with Bing Webmaster Tools. If you submit the your blog sitemap to the Bing it will index your blog pages in both Bing and Yahoo.
Here you just need to add your blog sitemap only to the Bing Webmaster Tool

Step 1. Log in to the BingWebmaster Tools.

Step 2. Go to the Add a Site.

Step 3. Enter a your blog URL of that blog which you want  submit sitemap.
how to add sitemap to bing webmaster tools, add a sitemap to bing and yahoo

Step 4. Now add the below code to the “ Add a sitemap” box.


Add your Blog URl place of in the above code.

Step 5.  Now Click on “Add” button.

Verify of ownership

Now, you have to verify the ownership. There you can see so many methods of verify ownership.

Step 1.  You have to select the Meta tag option, copy the <meta tag> code from the box.
how to add sitemap to bing webmaster tools

Step 2. Go to the Blogger

Step 3.  Go to the dashboard then click on Template> Edit HTML

Step 4.  Now click in the Code box anywhere and type Ctrl+F in the keyboard.

Step 5. Search <Head> tag in the box.

Step 6.  Now paste copied code to the below the <Head> tag

Step 7.  Click on “ Save Template “ Button

Step 8. Now refresh the blog

Step 9.  Now go to the Bing Webmaster tools, click on the “verify” button

Now you successfully added the blogger sitemap to the Bing Webmaster tools.
Note: The above sitemap will work for 500 Posts only. If you have more than 500 blog posts at your blog, then you have to add one more sitemap.
The whole procedure is same like before.


Now Your Blog will be start crawl a index pages by Bing and Yahoo search engine. It will help you to increase more visitors at your blog.
If you have any questions then ask me in the comment section.