Peoples always think how to write a perfect blog post because a well written post ranks higher in search results. A great blog post is about more than great contain. It’s should be well formatted.
I’m not saying that my blog posts are perfect because it is not.
I just give you some tips in to article how can you write a amazing blog post. The best thing to write a blog post is start writing daily so it will help you to become a good writer and also you get habit of writing.
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Here’s some tips how to write perfect blog post

1. Add a Perfect Title

Title of your blog post is the first thing peoples see. So try to add a attractive blog title which force to your peoples to click and read the post and one more thing picking a title which accurately match what peoples search online.
If your blog title relevant to search it is also rank higher in search engine and your blog readers get what they want to read.  So a blog title should be attractive, catch and also describe about post in a sentence.

2. Write Introduction
If you writing a post on any article always try to give introduction of the topic because it’s give your blog reader’s knowledge about the topic and introduction also help to keep your blog reader at your article.
So make clear about the post what is about through introduction make your blog post more interesting and informative.

3. List the Main Points
Adding the main list of topic is best way to write a perfect blog, when you write blog post with list s its make more informative and clear to understand your readers.
It’s give the reason to blog readers to read the post to the end and also make post well organized and clear to understand. Add list with bolt letters with subheadings which help to make your blog more SEO friendly.

4. Write Blog post at least within 1,000 to 1,500 words
Whenever you write a blog post you should write a long post because long written post shows higher in search engine, if you search in Google search you will see top 10 posts have written more than 1,500 words because Google love long written post.
You should write a blog post at least 1,500 words for better search ranking. Your blog post has also keywords and informative for your blog readers. So always try to long post and with keywords.

5. Add Relevant Images
Images are very important to post because if you have a post of 1,500 words without images. Its make your blog readers boring to read that post, nobody love long articles to read without images.
You have to add relevant and informative images to your blog post to write a better post. People’s love that posts has some beautiful images. Blog images also help to rank higher in search engine. You blog images title tags and alt tags help to your blog post get more visitors from search engine.
Its make your article more interesting to read.

6. Use Keywords
Keywords are the most important thing of a blog post. Whenever someone come to Your blog post from search engine just because of keywords. You can search the relevant keywords at Google Keyword planner to get best keywords for your blog and add them into your blog title and also into the post.  A perfect blog post can’t be writing without keywords.
Its help to the audience to find your blog in search engine and make then clear to have they have come to the right post.

7. Split Post to the Small Paragraphs
Make sure your blog post should be split in small paragraphs to look a good blog post. Peoples don’t like to read long paragraphs, so split your post in small paragraphs. Small paragraphs also make your blog post to read easily.

8. Write original Contain
Make your blog post unique then others, don’t say what other saying in their post try to add own thoughts and more tips to your post. The perfect blog post is what makes your blog readers to think about the post. Don’t copy your blog post from somewhere its will be never rank in search engine but you can take ideas and knowledge from someone post and write it to own ways.
Be original while writing a blog post because a perfect blog post come out of your original contain.

9. Make it Attractive
Make your blog post attractive and eye catchy. Your blog text should be beautiful and add different colours to the blog headings and lists because nobody wants to read a ugly blog post. so a perfect blog post have attractive text and images.
You blog post should be have attractive text style and well organized.

10. A perfect Blog should be like Conversation
Most of blogger do a wrong thing is that they don’t write their blog post in conversation. You should write you blog like someone is seating front of you and you are talking to him/her. Because its fell good to the blog readers and help to understand the things easily.

Most of blogger follow conversation style to write a perfect blog. I also write blog posts in conversation method. You have also write your blog post in this method to make a perfect blog post.

 I hope you found this article helpful. If you have any question related to how to write a perfect blog post let me know in comment below.