A SEO friendly blog post can get higher search ranking results. If you are posting good articles at your blog then you don’t worry about rankings of your posts.
If you are doing well with on-page SEO optimization then you have to forget off-page SEO. It’s help to get visitors at your log but when your blog posts are SEO friendly then you don’t think about it.
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 I’m going to give you some tips, How to write a SEO friendly post for your blog.

1.  Quality Contain
Search engine like quality contain article. Its must be an informative and well written. You should try to write quality contain articles at your blog. If your blog has good posts then your blog automatically get higher in search engine which help to drive more traffic at your blog.
2. Long Posts
Whenever you search something on Google. You see first top10 posts have 1500-2000 words because long posts articles get Higher in search results. Always try to write long posts at your blog at list more than 600 words. When you write articles less than 600 words chances of get ranking in search engine results less.

3. Title of post
Post title tells what the post about, a good and attractive post title also force to people to read your post. it’s should be catchy, related to your post contain and describe your contain in a single sentence.

3. Headings
 Headings are written in bold letter in the posts. Headings of post are very important they also tells search engine about post. Headings are like main Heading, Sub heading and miner heading. You can also call H1,H2, and H3. Heading H1 is the main heading of a blog post describe about the blog. Its play a good role in SEO . You should add heading with target keywords which help you to write a SEO friendly post.

4. Images optimization

 You add images to your blog post always but so may blogger never add alt tag and title tag of images. It’s help to make more SEO friendly post.
Alt tags are keywords of images and blog post like “how to write a seo friendly post” and Title tag is name of the image. You should add image name like “how-to-write-a-post.jpg” they help to write a good post.
5. Search/Meta Description
The Meta description is description of a post.If you want to rank higher in search results. You can’t miss the Meta description. It is very important for SEO. Meta description appears below the article title in search engine.
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When you are adding Meta description of your post, you should be adding description within 150 words and also write with targeted keywords. 
If you post title is “how to start a blog” then your article search description should be like “looking to create a blog blog on ordpress. I am going to shows you how to create a blog and make money out of it.
In the bold letters you see i written keywords. Which describe blog title?
6. Internal Links
Whenever you write a article connect it with your other blog articles. It’s help to view more page views and also SEO friendly. So always add link 2 or 3 post in a blog article. They should be related to the article. Internal link of blog post will help you blog readers to spend more time at your blog.

7. Post Permalinks
Making your post URL is very important for SEO. You should only use target keyword in URL and avoid special characters, symbols and commas, etc.
Target keyword permalink rank better in search engine.
Example of good Permalinks
• https://www.domain.com// post-title-with-dashes

8. Outgoing Links
There is a great idea to link external websites post with your articles. Appreciate someone work and it’s also good for SEO. Always share trusted blog links at your blog don’t forgot to do follow links for trusted websites as long as they are higher-quality and gives more information on your post.

I give you some tips of Write SEO friendly Post for more traffic at your blog. If you like the article than share it and do your precious comments below. Let me know also, if I missed anything to write SEO friendly post.