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So many people don’t know about affiliate marketing. They always think what does mean of it. In this article, I am going to tell you what affiliate marketing is lots of blogger and website owner earn money from affiliate marketing, It is a one of the best way to earn money online from your blog or website.
So many bloggers earn more than $10,000 dollars monthly from affiliate marketing. It’s also main source of income of most of blogger.
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how to promote affiliate products, how affiliate marketing work, what is affiliate marketing

What Is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing means like promoting someone product when you refer any online company product and when someone buy that product from your refer then you receive the commission.
Commissions are sometime between from $1 to $1000 depending on the products price and commission rates.  
Some people think how companies know that sell made from you then they know from a Unique Referral URL normally given by companies and Affiliate Company.

How Does It Work?
So many online companies sell product online like mobiles and domain etc stuffs. They offer affiliate program for making more sells. You can simply signup with the affiliate program of any online company and get a referral code for you.
If you reader buy anything from your referral code you will get paid.
Affiliate website also track sells from cookies. Some companies give 30 to 60 day cookies option. if you blogger readers went to the affiliate website from your link and and buy product after a month. You will pay commission for sell also,
Browser cookies help to make more money from affiliate marketing otherwise income from affiliate has very low for bloggers.
If any reader went to the affiliate website and not made any purchase from it, you haven’t earned any commission.
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How to Promote Affiliate Products at Your Blog

You have to promote affiliate products through your blog or website to earn commission from affiliate program. Earning money from affiliate program is not a easy task, your blog readers have trust on you to buy something on your recommendation.
 I am going to tell you some ways to promote affiliate products with your blog.

1. Write  Product Review
Review products are one of the best ways to promote affiliate product through your blog and chances of sell and services increase also.
Chose a affiliate product related to your blog niche and sighup with the affiliate program. You have to write a detailed review of product that your blog reader understands everything about the product. Most of blogger earn money from doing review of product at their blog or website. You just need to do write a better review of the product and add your affiliate Refer link in the article. When someone buys service then you earn commission.
A product review also gives the knowledge to your blog readers about product and services.

2. Add Affiliate Ads
Some affiliate programs give display ads option to promote product. It’s a good way to promote anything you just need to add affiliate ads inside the blog post and sidebars of the blog. After signup with affiliate you will get the ad code just copy the code and paste to your blog using gadgets and plug in.
When someone click on the ad automatically redirect to the affiliate site and if your referral buy anything from the website, you will get the commission.

3. Use of Landing Page
Affiliate program is not an easy task. Landing page is one of the best way to do affiliate marking with your blog. When someone comes to your blog they see a landing page with affiliate product.
If any reader interested to buy the services then they buy the product always use affiliate product according to your blog niche because chances of sell increase.

4. Email Marketing
It is the best way to promote affiliate product direct to the blog reader’s inbox. Use your blog email subscribes to do affiliate marketing. Most of blogger earning money from promote service through emails. It is one of my favourite way to make money from affiliate marketing.
You just need to send deals and offers through emails.

5. How-to Articles
How-to articles like write tutorial guides for products and services. They help to make more sells of affiliate product. How-to post also ranks higher in search engine. This is good for you. How-to articles solve the problem of your blog reader and these articles helpful for technical products.

Where to Join Affiliate Programs

There are so many companies wanted to promote their products through internet market and increase products sells also.
Affiliate marketing is best way to make money online for some bloggers. I going to tell you which affiliate products you promote at you blog.

1. Amazon Associates
Amazon is world’s biggest e-commerce website. They also want to promote their products online. Amazon associate is a affiliate program and most of blogger earning money from Amazon affiliate because it’s very easy to use. You have to sign up with the Amazon associate program and promote their products on your blog or website.
They give banner affiliate ads and referral URL link option for affiliate marketing. Commission rates are between $1 to $10 Depends on the product type and price also.
Most of blogger earnings more than $1,000 a month from Amazon Associate. You just need to promote product according to your blog niche and target your blog readers well.

2. ClickBank
It is also a famous affiliate program. You can earn money from ClickBank via promoting products at your blog. You can promote products to targeted contraries add the product related to a target county. Which help to make more from affiliate marketing. you shoul try to promote more than #40 to $50 products, because you earn more commission on sales.
You have to sign up with the click bank affiliate program and promote products at the blog thought your referral URL. Minimum payout of ClickBank is $100 which is easily Achievable with just 5 to 6 sells.
 Clickbank make payments via Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit and Payoneer.
There are so many online companies you can join affiliate program of them, Affiliate marketing depend on your blog niche for more profit.

If you have a blog about Blogging, Affiliate marketing, SEO and make Money Online then you can Promote affiliate products like Web hosting, Domain, and plug-in many more.
Then you can join these websites affiliate programs “Bluehost” and “Hostgator” for web hosting, “GoDaddy” for domain register affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing: Frequency Ask Questions (FAQ)

1. Is affiliate marketing fraud?
No, Affiliate marketing is not fraud. Companies pay your money at the time. Before joining any affiliate program first search about the company on the Google that it is fraud or not.

2. How much cost to join affiliate program?
Affiliate programs free to join you don’t need to pay money for it. Companies offer affiliate programs to join for free and promote their products.

3. Can i use affiliate program and Adsense at the same time?
Yes, you can use it both at the same time on your blog. Even when you use both affiliate program and Adsense, you will earn more money out of your blog.

4. Where to join affiliate Program?
You just have to go to the website of the company which products want to promote at your blog and find affiliate program join option page. You can also search on google by “name of the company” + affiliate program. You will get the page at the first search result.

Now, i think you understand about affiliate marketing. You can join affiliate marketing program according to your need and start making money from promoting affiliate products at your blog.
If you have any question then ask me in the comments, share your valuable comments in the comment box.

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