When we come to making money online out of a blog. You have so many options online to make money but Advertisement on your blog is one of the easier methods of earning.
Most of peoples using Google Adsense Program for monetizing their blog and Adsense is also a currently the best program but it is also very difficult for a new blogger to get approval because of its strict policies. Sometimes Adsense accounts disabled or banned for some reason in case making money out of your blog is the default for bloggers. Media.net is the best alternative of Adsense and trusted on, in fact, you can earn more with media.net if you monetize your blog in the right way.
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What is Media.Net?

Media.net is contextual ad network owned by Yahoo! And Bing together. Media.net is a contextual ad network it's mean its displayed ads based on the content of the page. Its absolve the blog pages and post and shows ads relevant to the articles. For example, if your post is about the health topic. Media.net display ads related to health stuff. You are getting targeted ads for your readers. its helps to click more on ads so you earn more and also increase the CTR.

Why Should use Media.Net ?/ Features of Median.Net.

There are so many amazing features from Media.net which make more interesting and easy to use. Here are some features.
   Contextual Ad Network: As you know media.net is a contextual Ad network displayed ads bashed to the blog page contain.

•  High Revenue: quality of ads is higher here because of targeted ads at help to make more money.

Account Manager: Media.net offer account manager once you approved from media.net. You will assign an account manager its help to get started an assist you.

One account for Multiple Websites: Media.net provides a single platform for everyone, if you have an approved website account then you can run advertisements on multiple the website from the same website.

media.net site management

Multiple Ad unit Size:  Media.net give options to chose multiple ad unit size for your blog. You can customize your ads which can look like your website.

media.net ad program

Simple Dashboard: Media.net provides simple dashboard when you got approved you can sign in with your account and make the ads code and earning money. Dashboard of media.net is very simple to use.
media.net dashboard

How to Sign up with Media.net?

If you want to sign up with Media.net than it’s very simple just go the media.net (Click Here) and add details about your Website Address, Email, and Mobile The number then click on the Sign up button. Your website is reviewed by media.net and if your website approved the send you an email within 4 or 5 business days. Now you can put ads on your blog.

media net signup form

Can I Use Media.net and Google Adsense Together?

Yes you can use both Media.net and Adsense together at your blog or website. Media.net make more money when you have visitors from UK/USA so you can use media.net on which posts have more visitors from that country than India. There is not any problem to use both at your website.

Payment Methods

It has a $100 minimum earning threshold. That means you can withdraw your money when you $100 in your media.net account. Its pays on a monthly basis. PayPal and Wire Transfer is the different payment methods available at Media.net.

I think you understand Media.net is the best alternative of AdSense. If you have more visitors from the UK/USA on your blog than you should try it. Media.net help to maximize your earning from your website. It has quality ads that help to make more money and media.net RPM is very high, which help to earn more money with minimum effort.
I recommend you to try Media.net you can earn more than Google AdSense.