If you are a blogger than you understand image optimization is how important for blogging. A SEO friendly image play a good role to rank higher of your blog in search engine. It is very important to add right image in your blog post because people search popular images, if your blog images start getting ranking, which help to get more visitors at your blog.
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What is image Optimization?

Image optimization means make your blog images more SEO friendly to get higher in search engine. It’s the method to make your web images in higher quality with the right format, size and resolution. Image optimization can be done in different ways to keep images smallest possible size.

Importance of Optimizing Images on Blog

It’s important to load your blog faster. When your image properly optimized which help to load your blog faster, slow loading website doesn’t get higher in search results and also annoying for the your blog visitors.

How to Optimize Blog images

In this article going to give you some log image optimization tips to increase your log ranking.
1.  Find Right images for your blog
We always add images to our blog articles to make our blog search friendly and also look good to the visitors.  You should not add the images directly from the Google images to your blog because its not help to get higher in search results and some images have copyrights if you going to add the image at your blog then you would be in the trouble.
There are so many website are online which gives you free images always add images to your blog related to your articles. You can download free images from  these website related to your blog articles ShutterStock and FreeDigitalPhotos etc.  You can get free images here also you can by images online from various websites.

2. Create your own Images
When you are unable to find photos related to your blog articles. You can create an own image at Canva. It is a free and best platform for create own custom images. You can get lots of text styles, templates and symbols etc. Canva is very easy to create images.
image optimization in blogger

3.  Resize images
You should resize your images before uploading to the blog articles. You don’t need to upload big size images to your blog which take lot of time to loading your articles. It is not good for SEO. Resize your blog image dimension before upload and try to make is smaller because resized images are SEO friendly and help to loading faster of your blog.
Try to add your blog images within the contain width. its look good also to the visitors. If you have downloaded the images from online image website then resize it before to upload in your blog articles.
  You can resize your images at PicResize resize your images here before uploading to the blog.

4. Compress Images
Blog loading time is one of the most important factors in SEO. So reduce the load time of blog we have to upload light weight images to the blog articles. Which make our blog load faster.When you use original high quality images to blog. It's take lots of time to loading our blog so we need to compress images to our blog.
There are tools like TinyPNG which help to compress and reduce the size of images for you. After compressing the image, it is still look like before they doesn’t effect the image quality much , so don’t worry to use this tool.

5. Add Alt Title Text For Images

ALT text used to provide description to the image file. The ALT text tells the search engine what the image is about and search engine unable to read images so ALT text help to search engine to read the images. If you don’t use the ALT text at your blog images then you are missing lots of traffic.
Always add AlT text related the image and targeting keywords like if you upload a image of SEO(search engine optimization) related then your Alt text should be like “Best SEO tool” always try to add Alt text related to your post or images for better SEO.
Title text is a name of image when someone hover the cursor on the images. it’s displayed. Title text is also important for better image optimization.

I give you some image optimization tips to load your blog faster and get search ranking higher. Most of blogger ignore image optimization. If you don’t optimize your blog images properly. It will affect blog ranking in search results. If you have any question then asks in the comments.