A large number of images consists on the web so many blog owner never optimize their log images. You have to optimize your blog images for better search ranking. Blogger has caome the option optimize your blog images for SEO. So many people don’t know how to optimize their blog images, in this article. I am going to show you how to add Alt Title text to get higher in search engine.

What is ALT Text and Title Text of Image

Alt text is an attribute added on the images normally it is HTML code. When you upload any image on your website search engine unable to read what is image about. Alt text help to search engine to know about image, Alt text not appear on the images it is contain inside the image codes. Alt text is the keywords of the image.
 Title text is also a attribute. It’s help to know the name of the image. It’s tells to your website reader what the name of the image when someone take mouse on to the image. It’s displayed.
Title text is also used to accessibility of your website. Which help to access more visitors at your website
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How to Add Alt Text and Title Text in Blogger

Blogger allow you to add Alt text and Title text in your blog images. It’s is very easy to add Alt text in blogger which make your website images more searchable in search engine.
1. Login to the Blogger Dashboard then Go to the Posts option and click on edit post or add a new post.
2. Now upload your image in compress mode then select the image.
3. You will see lots of option below the image just click on “Properties”

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4. Now a box opens, where you see “Title text” and “Alt text” option.
5. Fill them like shown in the image at the title text you have to add your image name and at the Alt text you have to add image keywords.
how-to-fill-alt-tags-in-blogger-images, add-title-text-in-blog-images, what-is-alt-title-text
6. Now click on OK button and save it.
Now you finally added you image Alt and Title text.

How to Add Alt Title text in HTML

You can also add your blog Alt title text in HTML view in blogger. You just need to go HTML option in your post editor. Where you need to add below code

<a href=” https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ctmb3268Mr8/WkT9va5C69I/AAAAAAAACYU/WHoRUAil8j4PErVoq4pCDX3_EOmSjraHwCLcBGAs/s1600/business-925900.jpg?imgmax=800”><img alt=”Image Keyword” src=” https://2.bp.blogspot.com/-ctmb3268Mr8/WkT9va5C69I/AAAAAAAACYU/WHoRUAil8j4PErVoq4pCDX3_EOmSjraHwCLcBGAs/s320/business-925900_960_720.jpg” title=”Image title” /></a>

Now You have to add <a herf=”image link”, img alt=” image keywords”. Scr=”image source URL” and title=” image name” after adding all these it’s done.

Image Alt text help to make images more seo friendly, i hope this post helped you to how to add Alt text and Title text in blogger images. Now you can optimize your website images. If you have any problem then asks me in the comments. i would like to answer your questions.