Every new blogger dream to earn money from his blog. Advertisement is a easy way to earn money from a blog but getting google adsense approval is little default for new blogger. Chitika is one of the best alternative of goole adsense. If you are a new blogger and less traffic at your blog than chitika is best ad program for you. Best thing about chitika is low minimum payout than adsense. It is $10 which is achievable easily. Chitika show high quality ads according to your blog niche which help to make more money for your blog. A new blogger can earn decent income from chitika.

Is Chitika Ad Program Trusted?

While monetize of your blog first question comes into your mind is chitika.com trusted ad program. Chitika is 100% trusted program. It was founded in 2013 and headquarter Westborough, Massachusetts, USA. Chitika make payments always on the time. It is not scam.

Know all About Chitika

1.  How chitika Works?
2. Criteria to join Chikita.
3. Available Ad Formats.
4. Compatibility with Google AdSense.
5.  Payment Options.

1. How Chitika Works?

Chitika (click here to create a account) show relevant ads for your blog or site to maximize your earning. When someone come at your blog by search engine chitika show ads to that visitor according the keyword what search. Most of ads show at your blog when traffic come from search engine thats help you to earn more.
2. Criteria to join chikita
There  are no minimum criteria to join chikita. A new blogger can join chikita with the less amount of traffic at blog. Joining with chikita is very easy and approved easily. They do not take much time to approve the chikita account. When you get approved you just need to do create ad zone at your blog and past the chikita ads code. Chikita is much easier than Google AdSense.
3.  Avialiable ad Formats
Chikiata provides all types of ads to use on your blog incuding mobile ads which is good for now days. Chikita provide different size ads even you can customize your ads colour according to your blog needed.
Banner Ads- chikita does not show banner ads but show ads with images and text.
  Mobile Ads- Now days mobile ads are very important most of search from their Smartphone’s. Chitika provide mobile ads for blogs. These ads depend on device when someone view website using smartphone mobile ad will be displayed.
  In Text Ads- Chitika is CPC(Cost Per Click) besed on text link ads.
Hover Ads- Hover ads displayed on the right corner of the website. They remind while visitor scroll down the your website.
 Highlight Ads- Highlight ads get displayed when a user select some text on your website.
4. Compatibility with Google AdSense
The best thing is Chitika is compatible with Google AdSense. You don’t need to make any changes to your blog.  Chitika and AdSense work together.
5. Payment Options
Chikata pays minimum payout $10 from paypal. You can get payment from echeck which is $50 minimum.

Chikita Ad Pros and Cons

Pros of Chikita.
Low eligibility criteria.
Getting Approval is easy.
Minimum payout is low just $10
Different ads size with mobile ad types.
 You can use other ad network like AdSense with Chikita.
 Suitable for all the niches.
 Show relevant ads.
 Chikita support world wild with their ad units.
Cons of Chikita
 Shows ad mostly on traffic come from search engine.
 Less PPC in compression to adsense.
 Traffic come from referral are not show well ads.
Final Verdict
At the end of i would recommend giving chikita to try a shot. If you didn’t get google Adsense Approval than Chikita is best alternative of adsense. When traffic come from at your blog from seach engine than chikita is better for you. Their payout is $10  which is achievable. Chikita is a Good Choice.