How to Delete a Blogger Blog Permanently in Blogger?

Blogger (BlogSport) is one of the most popular blogging platform that allow you to create a free blog without any hosting and domain. Blogger gives you hosting with a subdomain. Blogger is good for new blogger who wants to create a blog for free.
Some time you need to delete you blog for some reason like don’t want to maintain it or you made he any mistake with your blog. So how to delet your blog permanently in this post i will give you tutorials step by step to delete a blog.
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How to delete a blogger blog

1. Log in to Blogger
Log in to your blogger with your google account
2. Choice the blog
Choice the blog which one you want to delete if you have many blogs at a same account.
3. Go to settings
Select settings option from the blogger dashboard than click on other option from settings.
how to delete a blog

4. Delete blog
You will see a option delete blog click on delete blog button a pop up window will open.
5. Download/ Delete Blog
delete a blog in blogger

You have to careful here download your blog first for the future purpose by clicking on download blog button after downloading click on delete blog button.
Now your blogger blog will be deleted its take some time to delete permanently you can restore your deleted blog within 90 Days  otherwise it will be removed permanently.