Create a Contact Page in Blogger

Blogger Added his contact widget form in blogger sidebar but you want to create a contact page in specific page , than this tutorial is for you. Why you need to create a contact page contact pages help us to contact with our blog readers. If they want to ask something from us than contact page help and also help in the approval of Google Ad Sense.
contact page create, blogger contact page

1.Go to the
Foxyform is one of the easiest contact form generator.  Foxyform create code for contact form and it’s very easy to generate a contact code from
Log in the and you see” target a email address” option add your email address in the box than click on “create form” button than a page will be open copy the code from the box.

2.Create a contact Page

Now you need to create a specific page. Go to the blogger main menu and click on “Pages” than click on “new page” option a  page will be open in the title write “Contact Us” go to the “HTML” option and paste the code that copied from foxyform.

3.Disable page comment
Remove comment option from a contact page On the right side of the screen you see a “options” click on it in the “reader comment” section select “Don’t allow” option than publish the contact page.

4.Now add a contact page in main menu
Now you need to add contact page in main menu of the blog. Copy the page URl and go to the layout option than click on “main menu option page” a popup page will be open add a page title their called Contact Us  in the “new site option” box and add the page URl you copied in “new site Url” option than click on “Add Link” button. Now click on save agreement option.

Now go and see the blog and Contact page. A contact page created for your blog in the main menu of the blog.

Contact form adding is make easier to our reader to contact us. They don’t need to use any third application like Gmail. Just come to the contact page of the blog and write massage in the box and click on send it is very simple for the readers to contacts with blog admin. It is also good for the bloggers how don’t want to show their emails to any one.