Blogsport Vs Wordpress Which is better For You?

There are so many blogging platforms like BlogSpot, Wordpress and Tumbir etc. When we want to start a blog and get confuse which blogging platform is better for us.

Blogger or Wordpress
Blogger and wordpress are to good blogging platforms and so many people using these platform according to their need. Peoples like blogger because it’s less technical than wordpress. Peoples love wordpress because it’s give full features and control on your blog.
If you are a beginner than you should start blog on blogger and know about blogging. When your blog start getting traffic on your blog you can transfer your blog from blogger to wordpress.
Blogger(BlogSpot) is owned by Google and also free.  it is also a very good platform for when you want to start a blog for hobbies and want to share your thoughts. If you don’t want to expense money on hosting and domain than blogger is best for you. You can start a blog here without expending money. BlogSpot is good for beginner bloggers. If you want to less technical and simple platform for blogging than blogger is for you and if you want to make money blogging than blogger has some limitation. You can make money from blogger platform but upto a limit because it doesn’t have features like wordpress blog. Gogle is not adding new features in blogger but still it is a good platform for blogging.
• Blogger is free to start a blog you don’t need to expend anything.
• Better for the beginner blogger.
• Less technical and simple than wordpress
• You can monitize your blog with Google Ad sense and earn money by showing ads on your blog.
• Features of blogger is limited.
• You are not the owner of the blog Google can delete your blog anytime if anything get wrong.
• You can’t make your contain self hosted on blogger platform.
• Blogger has limit of earning because less features.
WordPress only created a year before Google purchased Blogger. WordPress is good platform for professional bloggers. You can customize your blog add plug-in whatever you want it has not limitations like blogger. WordPress is little complicated in use you need to learn about it like plugins etc. Good thing of the WordPress is you can self hosted your blog and if you started a making money blog than WordPress for you.
• You can self host your blog.
• Make control over your blog better,
• Best for money making blog and it has not limits of earning.
• Make blogging easy with plugins.
• Need technical ability to run WordPress.
• You need to pay hosting cost of hosting around 3$ per month.
• Setup of WordPress is little difficult.
• you need to know about plugins etc.
The Verdict
The Blogger platform is very good for new bloggers. If you want to start a blog for hobbies than blogger is better for you also if you don’t want to expense anything on blogging than chose blogger.
In the future if you want to make money from blog than you can transfer your blog from Blogger to WordPress.
WordPress is a good platform for professional blogging and want to make money out of your blog.
Blogger and WordPress are two great blogging platforms but they have own Pro and Cons. Now you can easily understand which blogging platform is good for you.