6 Thinks to Do Before Applying Google AdSense

If you want to earn money from your blog. Google AdSense is a good place to earn money from your blog. So many people’s dream to make money while your are slipping.
But it’s not easy to get Google AdSense approval. Google AdSense is one of the best online ad program that because getting AdSense approval is little hard. So today i am gives you some tips how to get Google AdSense approval at your blog.
google adsense tips and tricks

1.   Write High Quality Content
Contains are the most important thing of a blog. Google love high quality content and well written posts. If you have more than 600 words post at your blog than chances of getting adsense approval is more. Always focus of write valuable post at your blog.
A high quality content have....
• Proper heading and subheading lists.
• Should be free from grammatical error.
• Useful for peoples
• Long enough
• Well written and unique.

2.   Create Privacy, About and Contact Page
So many blogger not create some important page like privacy, about and contact. If you will apply for Google adsense without this pages chances of getting approval is very low.
Google wants serious business so these pages make your blog good and show you are not a fraud.
Privacy page tells about what data you collect from your blog reader and Google approve your blog on privacy page conditions.
About me page shows who is behind the blog and create trust on your blog.
Contact page help top your reader to contact with you easily and create good connection between you and your readers.
Most of time Google approve adsense when you have all these three pages.
3.   Improve Blog Design
Your blog design matter a lot. It should be look professional not messy. Google appreciate a clean, professional and fast lading blogs or website.
Make your blog design good because when people come to your blog they see the first thing of your blog design.
Better blog design engage peoples with your blog.
It should be like....
•  Easy to navigate.
•  Simple, professional and fast loading.
•  Search engine friendly
• Manu Bar.
4.   Have Good No Of Post at Your Blog
Your really want to earn money from google adsense than your need good no of post at your blog. No one can tell you how many post are needed to get approval of Google AdSense sometime 100 posts blog rejected from Google.
I recommend your at list 20+ well written have your blog than go for the AdSense approval. Always create unique and deferent post for your blog
5.   Should be Not These Type of Content
Be careful while choosing niche of your blog. Here are some contents are not accepted by google AdSense.
•  Illegal/ Drugs
•  Pirated Content
•  Hacking Tutorials
•  Adult materials/ Pronography
• Any illegal Stuff
6. Remove Other Ad Networks From Your Blog
If you have any other ads placed in your blog like Infolinks and Clicksor or anything than remove them from your blog and make your blog ads free.
After getting approval of Adsense than you can add your pervious ads networks with Google AdSense add your blog but at the time of applying for AdSense approval remove all ads.
If Google Rejected your application after doing all this Don’t worry follow the Google AdSense that instruction why application is rejected.
Correct them all and again apply for Google AdSense you will get the approval soon.